Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Chapter 8 Walkthrough

Welcome to Chapter 8 of Adventure Escape Murder Inn series.

Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Chapter 8

Move the gun and take the coat hanger. Then, you need to grab some records; one under the dead body, one inside the chest, one in the corner(use the hanger to get that one). You have to grab some tokens also; one is on the bin, one is under the plant and one is under a pillow.

Now, tap on Frank’s body and grab the key. Use that key in order to unlock the drawer of the table in the left-bottom corner. It contains a needle and thread. Take them and have a look at the poster with the dog. There’s a dog, a beer and e red truck.

At this point, tap on the record player and add the three records. Fix the record player using the needle and thread. Next, drag each record and use the arrows to play them. The first record is track 3, the second record is track 4 and the third one is track 2. That’s a passcode.

Take a look at the two boxes of cigars. One of them has an olive branch and a bird. The other one has a crown and a rose.  Keep that in mind and tap on the puzzle next to the poster.

For this puzzle, you need to pair up the bird with the branch and the crown with the rose.

Go to the other room and meet Vera. Pick up the scraps of paper and get the key from the drawer.

Head into the bathroom. Open the drain and take the two scraps of paper and the bath oil. Open the cabinet and notice that the blue bottle says “Tripple Bubble” and contains number 3 on it. Use the bath oil on the pipe and take the key. Use that key to unlock the cabinet on top and take the scissors and the glass tile that are inside.

Go back to Vera’s room and use the scissors to open up the box of chocolate. Notice there’s six of them. Next, tap on the puzzle on the bed and add the scraps of paper. Solution:

Head back to the initial room and use the key to unlock the cabinet under the record player. There’s a picture that says “Favorite Love Songs” with a white rose. Looks like this is the only track that was ever played and it’s the second track. The favorite song was the second track so 2.

Remember the rose because you need to count the white roses. Vera’s room has two roses and the bathroom has 6. That’s a total of 9 white roses. Also, add the number of chocolates with champagne, you get 7. Then add the candles of each room with bubble bath, you get 9. So, you have 979 and the favorite song is 2: 9792.

Go to Vera’s room and tap on the chest next to her and insert 9792. Take the tile and go to the bathroom. Add the tile to the puzzle and solve it so it looks like this:

Grab the key and go to Vera’s room to unlock the other door. Tap on Jay to wake him up and have a talk.

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