Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Tiny Room Stories – Town Mystery is a nice puzzle game made by Kiary Games.  It’s about a private detective who after receives a letter from his father asking for help, goes to the small town of Redcliff. But there’s a mystery going on; the city is empty. Your goal as a player is to find out where the inhabitants are gone and what has happened to father. The game is very well rated in Play Store and its features are pretty amazing.

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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery Chapter 1

Grab the ladder and climb up to the roof. Get the key inside the small box and go back down to enter the house.

Once you’re inside, take the book under the table and move the couch to see the back of it. There are some arrows pointing to different directions. That’s actually a code to unlock the white cabinet.

Take the key and head to the bedroom. Do you see the remote control under the bed? Take it and take the book also. There’s a book under the pile of laundry and another one inside the cabinet.

Next, turn off the lights and insert the below-shown code to the TV screen.

Have a look at the picture with the books.

Then go to the bookcase, grab another book and arrange them as shown on the screen. If you do it correctly, the door of the other room will open. So, head inside.

Take the picture from the ground and put it on the wall among the other ones. Tap until they all stay straight. Then, of course, a secret passage will appear. Take that path and you’ll find yourself in a flooded room.

Tap on the photo and notice that it’s taken in 19.01.85.

Try the code 1985 to open the case and get the key. Lastly, go to the car.

Level Finished!

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