Space Frontier 2 Game Review

Space Frontier 2



        Space Frontier 2 is the sequel to Ketchapp ’s popular space exploration game. Space Frontier 2 is a game about rockets and more specifically launching rockets. This game portrays what goes on behind the scenes of a rocket launch and puts the player in the quick decision of when and where exactly different segments of the rocket should be detached in order to achieve maximum altitude. In this game you must launch your space rocket using precision timing while being careful with the astronauts on board. Featuring a gameplay system based purely on timing, your mission in this game is to just tap on the screen of your device the right moment in which rocket segment reaches 0, in order to prevent your rocket from exploding while still achieving maximum altitude. 

      Space Frontier 2 is a pretty addicting game as you’ll always find the motivation to try over and over again in your attempts to colonize as many planets as you can. Don’t worry if you’re not seizing the timing circles perfectly, as you’ll get better with more and more practice. Try to get used with tapping sooner than later, as your rocket would explode if you’ll be late on your tapping; it’s just generally better to be safe than sorry. Space Frontier is a game that requires your lighting fast judgment skills and high eye coordination in order to succeed.
        The three measures of tappings are as: “Great” taps are when you tap just outside of the highlighted area of the ring or just as you’re entering it, and you get 15-20 bonus coins. “Perfect” taps are when you tap in the highlighted area with a bit of the ring left, and you get 30-40 bonus coins. And if you just absolutely nail the timing with very little left in the ring, you get the “Insane” bonus which is worth 60 coins.

        If you add some astronauts (colonists) into your rocket, you must play it safe and make your taps a little earlier than usual. Losing a rocket with colonists inside is especially painful depending on how far you are into the galaxy, as they can get pretty expensive. Actually, losing colonists ruins the whole purpose of the game in the first place, so be sure not to let your rockets explode. Keep in mind also that the more passengers you land safely on planets, the more coins you’ll generate when you’re away from the game.

        In order to move onto the next solar system, you’ll need to reach the next rank by safely landing a specific number of colonists. You can make it a bit easier by concentrating on this first. Don’t upgrade your rocket at first, as it’ll make your launches last longer. Instead, keep your rocket low level intently and just keep them full of colonists. You’ll fulfill the required quantity and reach the next rank pretty quickly using this method. Once you’re ready to go to the next galaxy, then start upgrading your rocket so you get more height. If you really want to earn in cash when you’re away from the game, you’ll need to colonize every single planet you come across. Each solar system has a colonist limit of 1,000, and your coin generation is calculated across all of the systems you’ve discovered thus far. It would take a very long time, but if you’ll reach on each of these systems you’re going to be making a crazy amount of coins.  Keep in mind also to upgrade your rocket. The more money you have the bigger your rocket will certainly be.

       Regarding the design, as usual with Ketchapp games, is just perfect, and the gameplay makes it perfect to pass some time. A beautiful minimalist design; Simple yet beautiful, not too colorful but not too blend, with smart animations where needed; Helps you focus on the action, while also being a great eye-pleaser. Space Frontier features a beautiful set of simple but stylish graphics, several different upgrades you can customize your ship with and a minimal number of ads just to make it that much harder for you to realize just how much time you’ve spent launching virtual rockets. In a nutshell, although this may not be the fanciest game released by the Ketchapp team, it is by far one the most addictive Ketchapp game we’ll ever be able to review.

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