Warframe – Best Weapons

Best Weapons in Warframe

When you started the game, you were probably confused about all those weapons in the game. The more weapons, the harder it is to choose. This is not okay for beginners as they don’t know which does what. You just don’t know what’s worth investing in and what’s not.


1- The Hek shotgun.

The Hek shotgun is the fan-favorite weapon. It’s a very easy one to start the game with and just makes you feel somehow powerful. This weapon is capable of carrying you through many master ranks.

2- Baza

Despite its mediocre damaging, the Baza is very good to use with lightning quick reload plus a high fire rate, while being completely silent. It’s a good one for any spy mission.

3- Prisma Gorgon

Prisma Gorgon is a very powerful one with a high base critical chance and critical multi, large magazine and a great fire rate.

4- Dread

Dread probably wins The best Bow prize. It lands a precise long-range shot, which is one of the most satisfying shots in Warframe. But that may not be a pleasant choice for those who put automatic rifles in the first place.

5- Tiberon Prime

Tiberon was not a good option until Tiberon Prime was released. Tiberon Prime is capable of taking on any content that Warframe has to offer. It holds a disposition of four out of five and has basically no drawbacks. This makes Tiberon Prime the ultimate assault weapon.

6- Arca Plasmor

The Arca Plasmor is one of the most popular shotguns in the game. The weapon possesses mediocre stats, but it has the ability to clear a room full of enemies just by glancing at them, aiming not required. Although it’s loading time is relatively long, you can have lots of fun playing with it.

7- Ignis Wraith

If you’re interested in raw power and raw damage, then Ignis Wraith may be a good option for you. It’s capable of annihilating scores upon scores of enemies. Satisfaction is guaranteed.

8- Amprex

Similarly to Ignis Wraith, Amprex is also a powerful gun that causes lots of damage. However, Amprex possesses higher single target damage, while Ignis Wraith has some overall advantages.

9- Tigris Prime

Many things change in Warframe but Tigris tends to stay constant and still is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. This weapon causes insane levels of damage but lacks heavily in the usability department having to reload after both barrels have been emptied.

10- Rubico Prime

Rubico was already an outstanding sniper rifle and the prime simply added the cherry on top. It possesses the usability that Lanka does not have and higher critical numbers that Victus does not have. This weapon is fully capable of tearing eidelons with relative ease.


We’ll give just two secondary weapons. We’re convinced that these ones can actually outrun some of the Primary weapons.

1- Pandero

Pandero is one of the best pistols in the game. It can destroy enemies in the star chart with just a few bullets.

2-Sicarus Prime

Sicarus Prime actually ranks at first place among the pistols after the latest buff.


1- War

War is not an easy weapon to get. But once you obtain it, oh boy…

2- Nikana Prime

End game viable. It’s a high crit one.

3- Galatine Prime

Probably the best Sword in Warframe

4- Atterax

Atterax is the best spin to win whip in Warframe. It’s MR2 only.


These were our lists with the best weapons in Warframe. Thank you for reading!