Warframe – Which is the best Warframe?

It’s a very common question. Which is the best Warframe? We believe that depends on your playing style. There are different moments in the game where different frames suit you the best, so we couldn’t think of one that is the best in everything. Below, you can find a list of the most powerful warframes.

The Greatest And Most Powerful Warframes


Rhino is one of the most famous frames because it was introduced since the beginning of Warframe. He is well equipped to deal with and absorb damage.


With his Rhino Charge, he can propel forwards in a straight trajectory knocking down enemies. Iron Skin makes him immune to certain kinds of attacks and that helps him survive while other players are falling apart. Rhino can also strengthen his teammates around him using Rhino Roar. When Rhino Stomp is activated, he slams the ground with an amazing force and causes damage to the enemies.

Improve Rhino’s abilities by equipping cost reduction, maximum energy, duration, armor, shield, and health mods. He will then become an unstoppable beast.


Inaros is an Egyptian God, whose surviving skills are on top. He can restore his health by eating enemies. His abilities are closely related to the sands.


Inaros uses Desiccation to blast enemies with his cursed sand by damaging them and stealing their health. With Devour he draws the target towards himself and traps it in quicksand. If he manages to kill the target, a sand shadow will appear and assist him. Sandstorm transforms him into a spiral of sand which grabs the nearby pickups and throws the enemies away. And lastly, Scarab Swarm. Scarab Swarm is used to inflicting a swarm of insects towards the enemy. If the enemy survives, it’s health will drain and go to Inaros’s teammates within its radius.

Range and Strength mods will benefit all of Inaros abilities.


Octavia is one of those frames you can choose for every mission. It’s a very good one due to her ability to be invisible and melt down the enemies using her Mallet.


Mallet is an incredible ability that emits a radius and attracts the enemies inside of it causing them to attack the source storing any damage taken and releasing it back onto them by each beat.

Resonator launches a rolling ball that makes the enemies follow it blindly. The radius of attraction increases for each new follower. It can also pick up Mallet and become a deadly weapon.

Metronome grants one of four melodic buffs. Speed will increase if you jump. You’ll become invisible if you crouch (for a limited time). Fire your gun and you’ll gain multishot. Use your melee and increase your damage.

Amp is used to draw power from the sounds of the environment. It increases the damage Octavia and her allies cause.



Nidus is a frame that offers tankiness and damage also. He shines at tankiness and his counterattack ability is very strong.


Virulence creates an infestation. The more enemies are infected, the more his destructive power increases while refunding a portion of it’s casting cost.

Nidus uses Larva to spawn an infested pod that erupts with tendrils and holds the enemies down.

Parasitic Link makes Nidus..well… A parasite! When Parasitic Link is activated, Nidus benefits in certain ways from his enemy in a parasitical way.

His fourth ability is Ravenous. With this ability, Nidus spawns an infestation that highly damages the enemies. Each enemy consumed adds to the mutation stack.


Mesa shoots a massive deal of bullets in no time. It’s easy for this vagabond to make multiple kills.


Ballistic Battery is used to store damage when activated. When disabled, all the damage stored will go to the Mesa’s next shot.

Shooting Gallery increases the cycles and damage. It also manages to make the enemy’s weapon stop working.

It’s a good idea to use Shatter Shield when there are lots of enemies around. It reduces incoming damage.

Peacemaker makes Mesa motionless, but the bullets will be deadly.

Power Strength, Power Duration and Power Range mods, will optimize Mesa’s abilities the most.


Banshee uses the power of sound to manage every situation even though she was not built with strong armor.


Sonic Boom is a powerful shockwave that pushes enemies away. It either kills them or makes them disabled.

She can reveal her enemies to her entire team by using Sonar, finding their weak spots and location.

Silence is a nice one. Enemies perceptive abilities drop and they won’t notice if they’re being shot or not.

When Sound Quake is used, Banshee releases ultrasonic waves to destroy enemies within its range. You better cover your ears!