Wheel of Fortune – More Than Just a Game

The popular TV Show program Wheel of Fortune has been a massive hit for the past several years in the American TVs. If you have been a fan of the tv-show and always played the game from home now you have the chance to be a participant of the game. Wheel of Fortune has developed a unique game which you can download for any smartphone or tablet and play it from the comfort of your home. Do you think you have what it takes to be crown the champion of Wheel of Fortune? Test your knowledge and see how you rank against your closest friends.

Wheel of Fortune – How To Play?

You can start by downloading and installing the game. You can do so by clicking any of the links below. Use this link if you are in IOS user (iPhone, iPad or any other Apple devices) and use this link if you are an Android user. After successfully installing the game you can now start enjoying all the fun. There are different worlds in this game and you start at Level 1 so the more puzzles and words you find the higher you gonna climb the ladder. You can get rewards such as diamonds in the game which can be redeemable for hints and other in-game purchases.

I am stuck? What now?

It is normal to get stuck on a game such as Wheel of Fortune. Well you shouldn’t worry because there are many sites online which offer you tips and tricks on how to pass each of the levels of the game. We would highly recommend you to visit WOFAnswers.com which contains a large database of Wheel of Fortune Game Answers and is frequently updated with fresh content.