Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins Part 1 Walkthrough

Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins is another escape game from Haiku Games. This time, it’s about a team of archaeologists who crash-land in a jungle and rediscover a cursed city. They find a 500 year old mystery that threatens the world again. Our heroes have to outlast the night and save the world. But they need your help to succeed.

Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins Part 1

The windshield is fogging up so you need to fix that. Take a piece of cloth from inside the cabinet and use it on the windshield. The radar says, “Authorized Personnel Only” and there’s a note about lights. Notice the red, yellow, green and blue and then count the lights with that color. You’ll get 8 red, 7 yellow, 4 green and 7 blue. The code is 8747. Insert it and you’ll get access to the radar.

Now, you should be here and you have to drag the two people to their seats. So move all the stuff, and get the two people to sit. Then give the camera to Les or else it will break.

Once the plane stabilizes, find a briefcase with fingerprint lock. It’s somewhere between those items. Next, ask Rachel to unlock it with her finger. Once it opens, take the keycard and the wrench. Use that keycard to open up the door.

The suitcases have fallen down, so put them back to the place they belong in order to balance the room. Just like this:

At this point you have to get access to the minibar, but to do that you  need to solve the puzzle. The puzzle is actually the Reynolds family logo. The solution should look like this:

Grab the Machete and go to the cockpit. Use it on the Reynolds logo on the ground and you’ll be able to see a secret passage. To open it up, use the wrench on its screws. Then finally, you’ll see that the plane’s landing tire is blocked by some plants. Use the machete to cut those and then use the wrench to fix the tire because it’s loose. Lastly, push the wheel down.

And we’re done with Part 1.

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