Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins Part 2 Walkthrough

Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins is another escape game from Haiku Games. This time, it’s about a team of archaeologists who crash-land in a jungle and rediscover a cursed city. They find a 500 year old mystery that threatens the world again. Our heroes have to outlast the night and save the world. But they need your help to succeed.

Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins Part 2

The plane crash-landed and it looks like no one is hurt. Grab the machete and use it to cut all the vines. Then, take two flowers, three vines, four map pieces and eight liquors. Use the vines to make a rope and climb up the plane. Once you’re up, pick up three more flowers and notice the red discs. It’s actually a tricky puzzle. If you want, you can have a look at the hint the game offers.


Open up all of the suitcases and take all the items you can find inside of them. A tree will eventually fall down, but there’s no need to worry as you have a chainsaw and you can cut it through. After you do that, grab the pieces of wood and go through the tree.

You should be here at this point.

Pick up the three flowers and add the machine parts to the excavator. Then tap on it to solve another puzzle.


Next, join the map pieces. Here’s how it should look:

Now, notice the notches in this picture:

2 3 6 1. According to the map, these are the images you should put:

Now go inside and put the woods inside the big pot. Xochi will light it up. Next, put 5 flowers inside the other bowl. Then place bottles of alcohol and cigars like shown in the picture below:

There’s a secret door on the top-right corner. Open it up and take the snake tool that’s inside. Then go all the way back and use the snake tool to open the two wooden containers and get the colored discs.

Get back inside and add the discs to the other ones.

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