Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins Part 3 Walkthrough

Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins is another escape game from Haiku Games. This time, it’s about a team of archaeologists who crash-land in a jungle and rediscover a cursed city. They find a 500 year old mystery that threatens the world again. Our heroes have to outlast the night and save the world. But they need your help to succeed.

Adventure Escape: Dark Ruins Part 3

First off, find all the symbols: palm tree, stairs, mountains, skull and fish. Now, if you look at the map; mountains is 2, palm trees is 5, fish is one, skull is 5 and stairs is 4. If you put them in order, you get fish – mountain – skull – stairs – palm tree. Go back and find them in that order. Then you’ll be able to see what’s going on inside the cave.

For the next puzzle, look at the arrows in the sand. If you also take a look at the stalagmites, each have a cut or multiple cuts in them. The number of cuts is the number of their arrows. And by looking at their direction, you should point the stalagmites like this:

Now, you should be in this part of the cave:

Grab the woods and look on the stairs. It’s a puzzle that contains 16 blocks. Look at the number of tails for each block in each column.

First column: 0, 2, 2, 2. Sum: 6

Second column: 0, 0, 4, 4. Sum: 8

Third column: 0, 2, 3, 4. Sum: 9

Fourth column: 4, 4, 0, 0. Sum: 8

You’ve got 6,8,9,8.

Go back to the skeleton and hit him with the wood. Tap on the treasure chest and notice that it requires a password to open up. And obviously, the password is 6,8,9,8. Once it opens, take the mask and use the axe handle to remove the blood and then combine it with the axe head. Now, go back in here:

Use the axe to cut the banner and you’ll get a fabric rope. Again back to the skeleton, use the fabric rope on the sword hilt to make a grapple. Notice the circles and stars in the wall. Tie that grapple at the statue and climb up. There are some vines in the way so use the axe to cut them away. You can find the solution to the puzzle below.

Do not forget to put the Jade Mask on it.

The water will bring you up to a cenote. Grab the two gems closest to the water. Also, take the skull disc and the muck plug. Plug up the triangle and then grab four more gems. Now, insert the skull disk in the circle and the water will go up again. Take the remaining gems and pull the remaining stone disk out. Lastly, pull out the plug and there you can pick up a carved stone and a skull disk. Add the carved stone inside the circle and plug the muck plug to the triangle. Finally, plug the skull disk to the top. It’s a laser puzzle.

At this point you’re free, but the phone is wet. So grab the leaves and place them on the phone to dry it out. The phone will start working again, so tap on it. A girl named Sara will show up on the screen. To unlock the phone you need to tap on the buttons that contain the letters of her name. The correct password would be 7272.

Press the left arrow. Notice that Peter is on REYN56 Satellite. He’s seven kilometers away and you need 10 seconds to talk to him.

Make sure you insert these parameters:

Now, make the phone call even though you have to delete all of her pictures and videos.

Grab the stone devices and before you do anything with them, notice the diagrams. There’s a two headed snake, big dipper’s constellation, a leopard and an alligator. Place the stone devices you got, to the top. Arrange them as shown below:

Take the little white stones and pay attention to where you got them from on the map. Place them down as shown in the picture below.

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