Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Chapter 2 Walkthrough

In the previous chapter, Kate and the others were enjoying a nice dinner in the warm house until they heard gunshots. They don’t know what has happened yet, but what they do know is that Emma disappeared. Let’s see what will happen in this chapter.

Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Chapter 2

Go through the doorway to the left and talk to Greta. Then, open the drawer and get the key. Open the cabinet next to the laundry machines and get the vacuum cleaner.   Next, move the sweater away to have a look at that note that says “JUST PLAY”. Use the key to open up the cabinet next to it. Get the laundry basket, and put the clothes inside the washing machine.

It says “JAY”. Use the vacuum cleaner to clean everything up and leave the room. Have a look at the welcome mat that says “WELCOME TO MOUNT WINTER” and notice the mountains and their shape. You need to make the skis look like the mountains.

Now you need a 3 digit code that you can get looking at the JAY  and JUST PLAY notes. Letter ‘J’ is first at the JUST PLAY note, ‘A’ is seventh and ‘Y’ is eighth. So, the code is 178.

There are a bunch of keys inside of that. You need to choose two, but to choose the right ones, take a look at the sign on the door that says “L1V32SK1”. So, grab key number 13 and key number 21 and use them to open the door.

There’s Emma, but she got shot. There are 5 pieces of evidence to find. You got them all in the picture below.

Grab the knife and three wood tiles, and then go to the chest.

Add the three tiles to the chest and notice that it’s a puzzle. Make it look like this:

Use the vacuum cleaner on the spider inside the chest and then use the carving knife to get the bullet. At this point, you need to examine the bullet.

  • Length: 19.8
  • Diameter: 8.1
  • # grooves: 6
  • Groove depth: 1.4
  • Rifling twist: Right

It turns out that the bullet was shot from a 270 caliber SlyHunter rifle.

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