Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Chapter 4 Walkthrough

In the previous chapter, we collected more pieces of evidence but things aren’t still clear enough. Let’s see what we’ll find in this chapter.

Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Chapter 4

Open the curtains, pick up the binoculars and move the plant to the right to get a key. Use the binoculars over the window and pay attention to the numbers:  a yellow 5, a green 7, red 9 and orange 3. Next, look at the guest’s list because we’ll need it for later. Use the key to open the cabinet and insert the code 3795 to that device.

Go up and pick up the Christmas lights + video game controller. Move the carpet to the left and plug the Christmas lights in. Next, look at the photos and pay attention to the whale with the 9 on it.

Get rid of the light blue blanket. There’s a locked suitcase under it. Lastly, tap on the puzzle at the top-right corner.

In this puzzle, you need to have one of each item in each square of nine. It’s basically like sudoku but without numbers. Here’s the solution:

After you solve it, take the key and use it to open the locked suitcase. Inside the suitcase, there are two shirts; 2 Polar Bears and 5 Leopards (not animals obviously). Also, remember the 9 Whales we found in the photos. You got 2 Polar Bears, 5 Leopards, 9 Whales.

Go back down and have a second look at the guest’s list. Number 925 is the hint. Tap on the padlock(door) and insert 925. The door will open, so head inside.

Look at the trophies. They say, IV X. Next, go to the clock and change it to IV X. Grab the key and move the blanket up because there’s something under the bed. After that, tap on the note on the table that says:

LOSE = 3507

SELL = 7735

There’s also this lock:

Notice #1, the mouse and the skier. Next, use the key to open one of the drawers which has a video game cartridge. At this point, go back.

Add the game cartridge and the game controller to the TV. It’s a puzzle where the mice move in opposite directions. We will give you directions based on the blue mouse’s perspective.

Move UP – UP – RIGHT – UP – UP – UP – UP – UP – RIGHT – DOWN – DOWN – RIGHT – LEFT -LEFT – DOWN – DOWN – DOWN – DOWN – RIGHT – RIGHT – TOP – TOP – LEFT – RIGHT – DOWN – LEFT – LEFT – LEFT – DOWN – DOWN – DOWN – LEFT -RIGHT – RIGHT – RIGHT. At this point, the pink mouse has reached the cheese and you can easily move the blue one to the other cheese.

Go back to the locker with #1 and the mouse. It’s requiring the score of the number #1 player of the videogame which was JAY with a high score of 240, so insert 240.

It’s a letter that says I SEE LIES. What you need to do is, go to the locker under the bed and insert I SEE LIES using numbers but upside down, like this:

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