Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Chapter 5 Walkthrough

In the previous chapter, we solved puzzles and played videogames but there are still a lot of things to do. We still don’t know a lot about the murderer. Let’s solve some more puzzles and find more pieces of evidence.

Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Chapter 5

Pick up the orange and purple towels and open up the cooler to get an ice cube. Tap on the jacuzzi and turn the temperature up to HIGH. Put the ice cube in there and take the key once it melts. Use that key to open the locked door. There’s a green towel inside which you should grab. Add the three of your towels to the rest of them.

Now, count the towels. There are 2 Blue, 1 Green, 2 Yellow, 3 Purple, 3 Pink and 2 Orange. Remember that and go back to the jacuzzi. Tap on the controls and copy those colors.

Pay attention to the pattern of the water. You’ll need that later.

At this point, head over to the frozen house. Pick up the Ice Skate and tap on the ice cubes because it’s actually a puzzle. Final result:

Pick up the square tile and use the ice skate to break open the door. Have a look at the snowflake. Then look at the jacuzzi’s pattern one more time. Do the snowflake like this:

Go inside the house. Grab the basketball and the shovel. Use the basketball on the loose plate on the ceiling and take the plastic key.  Use the key on the snowblower and the shovel to remove the metallic plate from the ground. Lastly, look at the tools and pay attention to the shapes, numbers, and directions.

Now, tap on the puzzle on the ground and based on the tools solve it like this:

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