Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Chapter 6 Walkthrough

The puzzles of Chapter 5 were not that challenging, were they? Let’s hope Chapter 6 is something else.

Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Chapter 6

First off, grab the camouflage paint and open the rubbish bin to get a stencil. Next, tap on the camera bag, move the photo and notice the green, blue and red lenses. Then, place the stencil at the gray camouflage coat and add the paint. Did you notice that there is a 2 and a 7? Keep them in mind for the note that says: a + b = c  &  b +c = d. Next, solve the puzzle.

Notice the 3 and the 5. You got 2,7,3,5. According to math abcd is 3257. Use that code in the safe. Take the arrows and stick the green, blue and red arrows in the holes on the right. A secret passage will show up. Go through.

Move the couch and take the arrow under it. Next, take a look at the paper that says “10 Point Buck, Only The Heart Matters”. After that, look at the cards and pay attention to the hearts only: 6 – 7 – 10 – 3. Go to the deers and find the ones with six points on their antlers, seven points, ten points, and three points. Once you find them, notice the direction they’re looking to; right – up – left – right. Tap on the padlock and insert these directions.

Take the metal dial and put the two arrows in the holes on the right and head inside the other room.

In this room, move the painting and open the drawer to get a key. Use that key to unlock the highlighted cabinet and take the goggles that are inside. Look at the hole that was behind the painting using the goggles and you’ll notice the initials JS + EB. Use those initials to unlock the locker on the right.

Before tapping on the puzzle with the colored dots, have a look at the diagram that contains a deer. Notice the bullet holes: Blue – 1 bullet hole, Red – 2 bullet holes, Yellow – 3 bullet holes, Green 4 – bullet holes. The order is blue-red-yellow-green. Now tap on the puzzle and connect the dots in that order, like this:

A single rifle is missing.

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