Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Welcome to Chapter 7 of Adventure Escape Murder Inn series.

Adventure Escape Murder Inn: Chapter 7

Grab the key and the paper clip. Take the book under the bookcase and then open the chest to get the magnifying glass. Look at the note under the carpet and the one in the typewriter that says:

Only coins in mint condition have real value.

Next, have a look at the garbage can and use the key to unlock the drawers. Lastly, notice the bottles of wine.

At this point, tap on the coins (cents) and use the magnifying glass on them to zoom in. What you need to do is find the coin that is not missing anything on it. That would be coin number 4. Next, tap on the other coins (pounds), zoom in again and find the one that’s not missing anything. That would be coin number 3. Lastly, look at the Taiwan dollars. 6 is the right one.

Look again at the note inside the trash bin which contains symbols of: cent, pound, Taiwanese dollar. That’s a hint to form the number 436 which is the correct passcode for the locked suitcase. Once you open the suitcase, take the book.

After that, go over to the bookcase on the right and remember the note on the ground. The black squares of the note are blank spaces. Solution:

Take the book that will show up.

Now, go through the door on the right. There are a few things to do in this room.

Look at the trains and the lines above and below each letter. There’s 1 line under V, 2 lines under E, 3 lines under R, 4 lines under A. If you put those together you get VERA. That’s the passcode for the locker. Once you unlock it, take the box of train tracks inside the drawer.

After that, tap on the green board and put the train tracks on the table. You need to connect the tracks like this:

Now, the clue is that the colors of the little train are green, blue, yellow, red. Tap on the control panel, open the battery slot and add the paperclip. Use the switches to make the lights green, blue, yellow, red.

Grab the key, use it to open the glass cabinet and take the book inside of it. Now, go back to the previous room and tap on the bottles of wine. Sort the bottles by the amount of wine they have and get their years: 62 35 71 44.

Those numbers are needed to solve the final puzzle.

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