Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 2 Walkthrough

In the previous chapter, Princess Nimue proved to the queen that she can be capable of doing great things. But this is just the beginning. Let’s see what happens in the second chapter.

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 2

Tap on the shield up there. It’s all rusty. Use the rust removal spell on it and have a look at the magic circuits. They are not aligned. So you have to properly align them in order to complete this puzzle.

Take the Fish Hooks, open the panel in front of the guard and take the Lock Piece. Grab the Oar and take a look at the sketch.

The sketch is a recipe for a magic fertilizer.

Go through and use the rust spell on the bridge sign. You will reveal the number 3781. Remember that. Pick up the Twine and the two Lock pieces.

Now, take a look at that fish just to have it in mind and then tap on the chair. Pace the Oar, Twine and the Hooks to obtain a fishing rod.  The fish you need looks like the one you saw just a moment ago; orange, blue, with no teeth, big scales and black eyes. That would be the third fish. So, use the first three baits and the last one; green, blue, pink and orange, just because their respective sketches describe the fish we need.

Take the fish, go back and place it down similarly to the first fish. Now, you can enter the cave.

Grab the little star at the mouth of the cave. Use the rust removal spell at the iron and take the Lock piece. Now, you have four of them so place them on the brown box. It’s a passcode. If you remember the bridge sign, it said 3781 so insert that.

Grab the jar inside of it and fill it with that pink goop to obtain Magical Ooze. Next, tap on the snake and fill out the patterns as shown below:

Now, you have scales. Go back on top and place the Ooze and the Scales inside the kettle in order to obtain a Fertilizer. After that, back to the cave. Pour the Fertilizer on the mushrooms. Here you have another puzzle and its solution:

Go up once again and cross the bridge.

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