Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 3 Walkthrough

In the previous chapter, princess Nimue made her way up to the kingdom of Coppice. She finds an abandoned village. Let’s see what’s going on here.

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 3

Open up the door on the left to grab the shovel inside and use the shovel to clear out the rubble. There’s a lock you cannot unlock because you don’t know the numbers yet. Notice the sign that says “est. 1204” with a butterfly and a deer. The gate also has some symbols and two arrows pointing up.

Go through the gate.

Pick up the bucket and have a look at the bottles in the crate. Each of them contains a specific year on the label, but if you remember the sign in the previous place, there was a butterfly and a deer. So you need the years of the bottles that contain a butterfly and a deer.

Now, go back to the locker and insert the year from the sign, and the years from the bottles.

The door will open and there is another spellbook that’s missing the instructions. Actually, the instructions are found at the gate: the arrows are pointing up to tell you that you should follow the symbols from down to up.

With that done, you obtained the Growth spell. Test it out on the mushrooms and the flower. After you use it on the flower, a lense will fall down so pick it up and go through the gate again. You can use the growth spell on the mushrooms again even though they don’t really do anything. It’s crucial that you use it on the mushrooms on the tree. They’ll grow out and you’ll be able to climb the tree.

Once you climb up, meet the following puzzle. Read the hint and in the end, it should look like this:

Next, grab the Prybar and go back to open up the second door and head inside.

Furthermore, grab the knife and the crank. Use the rust spell on the cabinet’s door. Take the lens and open the door to go back easily.

Using that door, go back to the tree and use the knife to cut the swing and get the rope. Add the rope, the bucket and the crank at the well. Then, when the bucket comes back out again, take the third lens. Go back to the previous room and place the lenses on the table. It’s a puzzle where you have to flip the lenses so that each lens shares a symbol with the one next to it. The solution should look like this:

After that’s done, pick up the glasses and tap on the letter. Next, use the glasses to look at the letters and notice that a code will show up. Count the lines in each character. The first one has 3 lines, the second has 5, the third has 6 and the fourth has 4, so you get 3564 as a passcode. Lastly, grab the crest and go back out to give it to Alderbone (the tree).

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