Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 4 Walkthrough

In the previous chapter, the princess met a tree and went through a few different puzzles. Nothing challenging for her until now, but the curse is yet to be lifted.

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 4

Start this chapter off by grabbing the match, charcoal, green flower, blue flower and the piece of paper. Then, use the growth spell on the red flower and grab it. Place the paper over the rock with no symbol and use the charcoal on it. Now, you have a son there.

Next, have a look at the brown thing on the right, which contains 4 circles with angles similar to clocks. To solve that, treat the twelve stones as a whole clock. Take a look at the first circle. The clock hands are at 12 and 3. You get the sun and the rose. The sun is yellow, the rose is red.  If you mix the colors, you get orange. So, the first one is orange. Next, you got 11 and 9. 11 is a white cloud and 9 is the blue waves. If you mix blue and white together you get a light blue. The third one is 12 and 9. So, yellow + blue = green. The last one is mushrooms and cloud They’re both white, so the last color is white. To sum that up we got, 1) orange, 2) light blue, 3) green, 4)white.

Set their colors to orange, light blue, green and white.

It’s a secret passage, so head inside. Place the three flowers inside the vases and use the growth spell on them. Next, tap on the transmutation box right at the corner. It’s a puzzle, so read the hints. The goal is to make it look like the flowers on top.

Press red and do this path:

Select red again and do this second path:

Now, press yellow and do this:

Next, select red again:

Then, red again:

RED one more time:

Finally, switch to blue and transform the red flower to purple.

Now, that the container is opened, take the tea leaves and place them right in front of the tree. Then, take out the teapot from those hidden holes under the tree. After that go through to the right door and reach out the tree with three carved famous names in it. Choose not to carve your name as you have to prove yourself first. Go to the blue room and use the rust removal magic on the pipes. Solve that puzzle.

After that, go back to the previous room and flip the switch. You’ll obtain 3 dyes. In addition, pour the dyes inside the water and have a careful look at the symbols that will be created. Those symbols are the solution to the puzzle in the other room. So, go to the other room and switch the symbols on the ground like this:

Once you do that, the door will open and you can finally get the gunpowder inside. Add the gunpowder to the firework, light it with the match and then pick it up. Go outside to the rocks and place the firework inside the hole on the right. It will explode. Go back to the blue room and notice that the water is all steamy. In addition, fill the teapot with that water. Then, look at the wall and its symbols. Carefully look from left to right; the moon – sun – lizards – water – trees – clouds – fire – stars – flowers – people – rain – lightning.

Go back and add the water to the tea. Then, arrange the cups taking into consideration their symbols and the list we made above.

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