Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 6 Walkthrough

In the previous chapter, we were surrounded by lava and skulls. The nice part is that we started talking to butterflies; one of them was pretty funny. There’s no dragon around yet but let’s see what is up in this chapter.

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 6

First, tap on the ring in the left-bottom corner. You’ll have a choice whether to take it or not.  We’re going to choose not to take it. Instead, grab the vine near the ring and the femur. Then, use the growth spell on the plant.

After that, move the pile of bones next to the wall and grab the Flint. Tap on the hexagon. Sorry for not telling you that it’s a trap. You’re going to need to shut it now, so tap on it again and notice: the grass, seeds, flower, fish, mouse, sheep. You need to count up the different animals that are found in the room and eat those things. These are the results: 6 snakes(eat rats), 4 rams(eat grass), 4 honeybees(eat flowers), 2 bears(eat sheeps), 2 birds(eat seeds), and 1 cat(eats fish).

With that done, you can go through and meet the dragon. Before talking to it, sharpen the femur bone on the crystal and go back. Use the femur to move the big thick bone and get the gold ears. Then, go back down to the dragon. Use your animal spell on her in order to have a conversation. After that, tap on the nearest Hatchling and talk to it. At this point, you need to get fire so that you can help, so head through the right door.

Uncover the necklace and look at the crystals.

Notice the colors of the eyes, the shape of the heads, the shape of the ears, the mouth whether it is opened or closed. Gather information from every reflection in the crystals. Once you do that, tap on the statue and add the golden ears. Then, change everything to what you just saw.

Use the Bone Pry Bar on the picture frame. Add the vine and use the flint to light it. You’ll then obtain a Torch. Go back to the dragons and light the little dragons homework on fire. It’s another puzzle, but a little bit trickier.


Take the Clasp that will show up and have a look at the four sets of symbols on the monument and the one the Hatchling just showed to you. Those symbols are their names, made up of circles, horizontal and vertical lines. If you remember the gems were also a circle, a vertical and a horizontal line. Yellow was horizontal, blue was vertical and red was a circle. This is how to solve it:

1) circle + circle + circle = red + red + red = red

2) horizontal + circle + horizontal = yellow + red + yellow = orange

3) horizontal + vertical + horizontal = yellow + blue + yellow = green

4) circle + vertical + circle = red + blue + red = purple

5) vertical + vertical + vertical = blue + blue + blue = blue

You got red, orange, green, purple, blue. So, go to the other room where you found a necklace, tap on it and insert the colors we just found by order.

Add the clasp and pick the necklace up. Next, use the necklace to grab the pouch in the top left corner. Pick it up to get some Star Gems.

At this point tap on the vials and place the gems down. Put them all into the right vial so that the levels become 9 3 and 7 as shown in the top bar. Follow this order: 2 left – 4 left – 2 right – 2 left – 2 left – 1 right.

Lastly, take the heart gem, place it into the statue and add the chain. Now, it’s a heart necklace. Take it and give it to the dragon.

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