Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 7 Walkthrough

In the previous chapter, princess Nimue managed to earn the dragon’s trust which was not an easy thing to do. Let’s see what’ll happen now.

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 7

Grab the rope and place it down by the stick. Pull the magic book out of the water, use the growth spell on the flowers and notice the colors and the number of petals. You’re going to need that information later. Reveal the snake under the bush and talk to him. He says that he’ll think about giving you venom if you find his friend. Then, try talking to the fish.

Go through the door in front. Grab the Green Snakeskin Boots, the broken plate and use the rust spell on the snake statue. Next, look at the paper on the ground which shows the ingredients for Curse Antidote.

Furthermore, look at the ceiling and the stars. You need to pay attention to the bright stars and notice the directions. East and west are opposite to what you see in the book, so you have to follow the pattern carefully. Now, go to the spellbook outside and follow this pattern:

You have now the ability to freeze water. Place the plate to the stick and you’ll get a ‘shovel’. Use it to dig through the soil on the right and you’ll discover a cellar, so head in. Move the jars down and use the growth spell on the algae behind them and then take it. Also, take the bottle and the stone debris.

For the box held by the tree you need to go back and look at all the flowers; red has 4 petals, orange has 8, purple has 9, pink has 7, yellow has 5. If you go inside there’s blue that has 2 and a white one on the robe that has 3. Now, go back and use all those numbers; 8 for orange, 4 for red, 9 for purple, 7 for pink, 2 for blue, 3 for white, and 5 for yellow.

Take the opal and go back out. Feed the algae to the fish and they’ll look like the numbers 3827. Also, fill the bottle with water and use freeze spell on it. Take the ice cubes and insert numbers 3827 on the locker.

Take the blue and red fertilizers. Back to the cellar and color the roots into red and blue like this:

Then go outside and grab the purple sweet root right next to the purple flower. Finally, show the snake his dead friend(the green boots). The snake will bite princess Nimue, so go inside and solve the puzzle to get the venom out.


The good thing about the snake bite was that you can now have the venom without begging it anymore.

Add the opal to the bowl and use the stone debris on it in order to get crushed opal. Next, add all the ingredients to the big pot and you’ll have another minigame to pass. All you have to do is to hit only the green bubbles and that’s it.

You have the antidote now, so give it all to the tree and meet Silvio.

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