Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 8 Walkthrough

In the previous chapter, princess Nimue got bit by a snake but managed to successfully cure herself. In the end, she transformed a tree into a human. His name is Silvio.

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 8

Pick up the string and use the freeze spell on the water to get a Frozen Pick. Then, use the animal spell in order to talk to the phoenix. Help her out by opening the cage and take the feather she left. Talk to her again now that she’s out. Next, talk to the oxen and then to the pigs even though the last ones might not earn ethical speaking points. Notice the patterns on the pigs. One has leaves, one has hearts and one has horseshoes. Tap on the cookies at their feet and remove all the cookies that don’t have shapes like the shapes on the pig’s bodies.

Now, look at the suits of the armors. Notice the directions the swords are pointing: UP – LEFT – UP – UP – RIGHT – UP.

Tap on the sign to go to another place. Tap on the closet with an arrow on it and point the dials in those directions mentioned above.

Take the arrow and together with the string attach it to the bow in the bottom-right corner. Then get the bow and arrow. Use the rust spell on the box next to the well, open it up and get the screwdriver.

Shoot the window of the second floor with the bow and a plant will show up. Use the growth spell on that plant so that you can climb up the vines.

Grab the Mail Token and tap on the chest. See the fire symbol and use the phoenix feather on it. A puzzle will show up, but before solving it, take a look at the image on the ground outside. It’s a big square but there are parts of other shapes in each corner: a part of a circle, a part of a straight line, a part of a triangle and a part of a circle again.

The solution to the puzzle:

Get the key inside of the chest and head back down. Use the mail token on the mailbox. Look at the letter and answer “NO” when it asks you to tell Silvio about the letter. After that, take a look at the symbol in the letter. It’s actually a number.

Grab the tile before going back up then go back up and tap on the passcode of the desk’s drawer. Insert the numbers we discovered above.

Once you open that, grab the other tile. Next, tap on the puzzle at the books and add the two tiles. You need to move the pieces around but it’s pretty easy because there are four empty spaces. In the end, it should look like this:

The frame will fall down and you’ll get to see a bunch of jewelry. There’s a broken crank among them. Use the screwdriver to fix it and pick it up. Now, head back outside and use the crank at the well to pull out the bucket with water and then freeze it. You’ll obtain a chain.

Go back to the animals and use the key to open up the compartment under the cage. Grab the Animal Harnesses and attach them to the oxen and also attach the chains to the pigs.

There’s one last puzzle before opening the gate. Here you go:

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