Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 9 Walkthrough

Chapter 8 was full of puzzles but no big deal for our princess. Now, there is a problem. Time is running out for Princess Nimue to stop the curse. She has to reach the throne room before the sun goes out or the curse will be sealed.

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Cursed Crown: Chapter 9

First off, use the growth spell on that little lion cub. Take the Red Berries from the lion’s body. Next, grab the Pestle, the ruined pages and move the books next to them to get the matches. Put the berries inside the bowl on the left and crush them using the Pestle. Now, you have some red paint.

Look at the painting; there are a fallen tree and a river. If you open the magic book you can see that the trees there are standing up. That’s a clue that you should turn the painting so that the tree is upright and then trace that pattern and use it on the magic book like this:

You have X-Ray vision now. Use it on Silvio and get that Hair Gel.

After that, place the ruined pages in the torch and light them. Collect the ashes using hair gel. Pick the black paint up and tap on the door. It’s a puzzle. Look at the hint to get a detailed explanation.

Do red first and then black.

Once you solve it, head in.

Lift up the carpet and if you want you can X-Ray those holes just to get a clearer understanding of what’s going on underneath. Grab the spear and the mirror. Use the spear to crack in the ceiling and freeze the drops of water that will show up. Take the sceptre and place the mirror down.

Now, insert the spectre in the center of the floor device and you’ll be able to slide the sceptre to different grooves. Look at the moon phases on the windows and notice that there is one missing in each. You need to get the missing moons from upper left moving to the right then lower left moving to the right. Similarly, move the sceptre.

Furthermore, open the windows and use the growth spell on the trees just to have a better look at their leaves. They’re different. If you count the peaks of each leaf you get 3 1 4. So, tap the first lever 3 times, the second one 1 time and the third one 4 times.

At this point, the barrier is broken so tap on it and solve the puzzle.

And the following one also.

Aaaand the following quiz also.

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