Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker 2 Chapter 7 Walkthrough


In the previous chapter, we visited Angelica Sugarman, Charlie’s mother. We encountered lots of lockers, puzzles, and cats. We also told Angelica that her son is now dead and gave our condolences. What can we do with the collected data?

Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker 2 Chapter 7

1- Start this chapter off by positioning the map of the symbols as shown in the picture below:

2- This is the place where the warehouse is supposed to be, therefore we need to check around. Grab the walking stick and the trash. In addition, open the chest up and take the shovel inside. After that, use the shovel on the sand to remove it from where it is. You’ll find a trapdoor.

3- Tap on the generator and notice that the sandy circles contain shapes. Count every shape for each circle starting from the biggest one: 4 2 6 1 3 5. In addition, look carefully at the owls. Each one has a different number of body marks. Tap on each owl as many times as the number of body marks they have. The generator will then break down.

4- You’ve made it into the warehouse. Now, open the container and get the packing tape and some more trash. After that, head through the door on the right.

5- Use the walking stick to pull the folded diagram down. Then, grab the drill, the trash and in addition, open up the commode in order to take the vehicle key.

6- Head back out and tap on the forklift. Another puzzle for you. It takes 16 steps to solve it:

7- Pick up the computer parts from the mysterious box. In addition, put all the trash you have inside that blue garbage burner. You’ll get ash.

8- Next, use the drill to open up all the wooden containers. Notice the colors, numbers and years. Then, go back to the other room. Put the computer parts on the desk, use the ash on the keyboard and also the packing tape to get fingerprints. Next, put it on that weird looking computer scanner. You’ll see an error that you can remove by solving the puzzle like below:

9- Go outside and use the shovel on where the lasers are pointing at. Cables! To put them together, carefully look at the diagram and the wooden boxes.

This is what you need to calculate:

  • 12-300 -> Year: 2006 -> Color: Green -> Diagram result: 2 prongs
  • 12-816 -> Year: 2006 -> Color: Pink ->Diagram result: 2 prongs
  • 13-218 -> Year: 2007 -> Color: Green -> Diagram result: 3 prongs
  • 13-256 -> Year: 2004 -> Color: Blue -> Diagram result: 1 prong
  • 13-570 -> Year: 2005 -> Color: Blue -> Diagram result: 3 prongs

11- Seems like you’re trapped. To unlock the door proceed as follows:

Finally free!

Proceed to Chapter 8.