Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker Walkthrough

      Adventure Escape Mysteries – Trapmaker is one of the two stories within the latest escape room app that Haiku Games Co has just released. The other story involved is fantasy related and engages a more advanced difficulty level than the Murder Mystery standard to whom our article is directed. The game starts out with a mysterious death while the main character Detective Kate Gray comes in the scene. The game combines the point-and-click gameplay with engaging escape puzzles hidden all over the well-designed surroundings. Adventure Escape Mysteries features interesting characters and hundreds of nicely-created puzzles which will make you occupied while struggling for the solutions. Your duty is to investigate and interact with all the items anywhere. Detective Kate is assigned with the job to investigate the suspects, find the murder weapon and find the responsible behind all the strange events. The game is offered totally for free and you can as well save your progress so you can play on as many devices as you like. If you get stuck somewhere in the game, rely on the following video walkthroughs with the solutions of the chapters of the game:

Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:

Chapter 3:

Chapter 4:

Chapter 5:

Chapter 6:

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