Amaze Gameplay and Walkthrough

   Amaze by Crazy Labs is a fantastic puzzle game launched since this february on both iOS and Android platforms. The game is very addictive and exciting as you advance through the easy to pass levels with a quick pace. The concept and the creativeness of the game features form a quite unique gameplay which can entertain you for a long time. Basically all you have to do is swiping in order to move the ball to the direction that you indicated while painting all the way behind you. The core idea is to paint your way across the maze puzzles and make sure that you’ve filled each square. Along your way you’ll get to unlock more addictive maze painting puzzles which will get increasingly trickier as you progress through.

    Before getting ready to solve some seriously amazing painting puzzles you have to be aware of the game’s control mechanics. Painting the maze puzzles may sound pretty easy, but you have to be super strategic to fill every square accordingly. You swipe to lead the ball to that direction but you can’t control where the ball stops. The maze’s corners will make the ball stop as it reaches them. In this way each different maze plays a big role to the order of movements. The ball paints every part from where it passes and its direction is also imposed by the turns of the maze.

  Overly Amaze is certainly a great game for someone who’s not looking for much of a challenge. For instance, people who want a slightly higher intensity game won’t be able to find it in this game. Although Amaze still manages to stand out as an exciting board game with a widespread involvement by many app game lovers out there. Do you really think you have what it takes to paint the given mazes?

The following gameplay tutorial will give a nice spin to start off: