Baba Is You Game Walkthrough

     Baba Is You is a puzzle game where anything can happen. You can change the rules by which you play as in every level the rules are submitted as block you can interact with. You can manipulate everything with unexpected interactions and cause surprising changes to a certain point in a level. You can turn into a rock, turn the grass onto an obstacle and you’ll have as well the ability to change the main goal that you must reach into something entirely different. Each stage features a small 2D space containing a variety of objects and characters, along with corresponding words that describe the rules of the puzzle. To solve each puzzle, you must change the preset rules of the stage by rearranging the words in order to create new rules altogether. Baba Is You brings a totally new concept on the puzzle’s concept through an exciting twist with entirely new and unprecedented challenges.

    The game features over 200 levels and also a level editor mode where you can even make your own levels and campaigns. The rules of each level are presented with blocks of text around the screen which are almost always meant to be broken. The game has won many awards so far thanks to its unique gameplay and beautiful design. There’s a pretty simple control mechanics and the player can also rewind whenever needed. You usually open up several levels at a time, so you’re free to quit out of a puzzle and try something else if you get stuck, but anyways the further in you get, the harder become the puzzles. Nevertheless the satisfaction will be immense when you’ll manage successfully to solve an awkward puzzle. Each time you finish a certain level you’ll feel euphoric and overly satisfied thanks to the game’s inventive nature. The game’s visual style and music encourages especially the puzzle lovers to give their utmost availability and immerse into the overwhelming gameplay of this exciting puzzle. Baba is You is a delightful puzzle game filled with absurd solutions and situations, asking players to discard what they think they know about games to solve them.

If you get stuck somewhere in the game’s levels rely on the following video walkthroughs of the whole game:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3: