Ball Mayhem Gameplay

       Ball Mayhem is a just-released one-touch action game inspired by American Football where the aim, as would be easily understood, is to score as many touchdowns as you can. If you’re a regular fan of NFL and american football then you already know how to get into a good football app game and start aiming for some wild passes, catches and runs; But, in Ball Mayhem things happen to be a little bit too different. Actually there are no downs or static player positions besides just two different teams fighting crossly for the ball. As the player gets the ball, the only way to score is by reaching the opponent’s end zone (can’t argue with that really). Once the game starts with a non-moving at the center of the field, three of your players along with the opposition team also of three will instantly rush to grab the ball. As you have the ball, if you manage to get there before than your opponent, you won’t be able to pass or make a run to receive the ball, as in a classic american football match. Instead, you’ll be only able to block other players or immediately run towards the across goal line. You can either be the blocker in order to protect your teammates or even be the runner and try to score a touchdown on your own.


        Basically to make a score in Ball Mayhem it’s not a very easy task. You have to make a lousy run where you’ll be dodging defenders on your way to the end zone. Whenever you have the ball, you’ll be easier to catch by the opponent defenders, so making a long run without being tackled or eased off it’s just impossible on most occasions. So you have to be aware on how you move and where you choose to run into. Like in real football, sometimes it’s better to aim for the corners. Also there are no kicks involved after scoring a touchdown so it’s not that important where you manage to cross the line for as long as you’ll be able to do it. A main restriction of the game is that the ball cannot get out of the bounds, which means that if you run off the pitch the ball will remain inside the pitch and won’t follow. If go outside the bounds, the ball will drop out of your hands becoming vulnerable to be caught by the opponents. As long as you don’t have the ball you are free to run and go wherever you’d want, while another valuable added attribute as long as you don’t have the ball is the ability to make super-fast sprints which can be used to catch up a play and make a striking tackle. In the cases that one of your teammates will have the possession of the ball you won’t be able to tackle them (sorry no friendly fire mode 🙂 ) but you can block the opponent attacker from reaching him.

      Crown it all and Ball Mayhem is a game that you won’t be able to give up easily. As soon as you enter the stadium you’ll immerse yourself in a unique fierce footballing battle unlike no other app’s gameplay before. Tackle everyone in sight to move forward and score a smashing Touchdown. Compete against anyone and thrive on your way to success. If you get stuck into the game’s gameplay rely on the following video:

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