BattleHand Heroes Walkthrough and Gameplay

     BattleHand Heroes is a perfect RPG (Role Playing Game) developed and distributed by Kongregate. BattleHand Heroes is a great game that presents a turn-based combat, characterized by a high-quality technical realization, effectual ideas and a gameplay that can involve long period, without being repetitive. The characters in the game are pretty well designed with a set of funny and spectacular moves. The touch screen controls match perfectly the game’s eager requested movements. The events are set in Silver City, a fictional town which is taken by the evil forces. The time to join the super-heroes in the ultimate objective of saving the city from chaos and destruction has come! It will be your duty to take Mr. Sunshine and his incredible powers and build along a team of Heroes to take the city back from the evil. When you begin your journey in the Silver City, you will only get to play with Mr. Sunshine, but after certain levels, you will be able to unlock more heroes at once.

    Battlehand Heroes is a just released adventure, with premium graphics and hilarious animations. The game features stunning 3D animation and easy to learn combats. Battlehand Heroes is a mix of collectible card games, and role-playing. The game is set out in the beautiful world full of compelling gameplay, and stunning 3D animations where you recruit a team of heroes, equip them with a deck of skill cards, and battle to save the city. You’ll have to perfect your combat strategy using elemental strengths and weaknesses for all the Heroes and Villains. You’ll be able to unlock stunning upgrades at each Hero through his skill tree. Collect, level up and evolve powerful cards on your way to build just the perfect Super Team. Adventure over Siler City to make sure your city is safe. Multiple battle modes are involved including a Robust Campaign and Player vs. Player challenges as well. BattleHand Heroes offers multiple options bringing you the best RPG experience whichever way you want. As you advance in the game, players will get their hands on new game modes as well; from Titan Tower, to Stadium, and Arena etc. Furthermore, you can join alliances with like-minded players as well. BattleHand Heroes is free to play, but some extra game items can be purchased for real money. If you get stuck in the game rely on the following video walkthroughs for the game:

If you fancy superheroes, join the fight today by downloading this epic RPG from Google Play Store and Apple iTunes now. Enjoy!