Blame Him Horror Game- Chapter 1 Walkthrough

Blame Him is a first-person psychological horror game made by two Japanese people to give you some massive bone-chilling experiences. This game has scared lots of Youtubers and hopefully, you will enjoy it as much as we do. Without further ado, let’s get our feet in. 

Blame Him – Chapter 1

Like most horror games, this one starts off in a very strange and scary way. There’s a dark room, a man is crying and he suddenly dies from asphyxiation. Then, you find yourself in another room where you have to feed a baby. Put the baby in the bed and pick up the can inside the box right next to it. Next, grab the pacifier from the table and give it to the little one.

At this point, you have another objective; look around the room. Click on the black couch and take a look at the ring with a missing diamond. You have to find that missing diamond at some point, but not now.

Go to the sofa and reach under it to find a divorce form. That’s telling you that you’re a single parent. Next, reach under the bed and open up that box. The paper is just covering up what’s inside the box so take it and have a look at the photo. It’s your baby and your ex-wife. At this point, take the baby to your bed and sleep.

You’ll wake up from a powerful noise which gives you the impression of an earthquake. What really happened is, someone opened up a tunnel and took the baby away.

Go through the tunnel and follow that guy. Walk until you find a room with a bike inside. Then, have a look at the table, get the key and use it to open up the door. Continue walking and at the point where you see blood on the floor, just keep following the blood. You’ll end up taking the stairs to go down. There’s a piano at a certain place.  It can’t be used right now. Instead, go even further down and notice there’s an exit door which you can’t open yet because you don’t have the key for it. Then, go back up and push the piano down the stairs. The piano will destroy the door and you can finally head in. Quite inventive, right?

Now, just walk around until you find blood again and that’s where you’ll learn how to run. There’s a door with a locker that takes 3 digits as a passcode. So, you have to find 3 numbers. Go to Classroom A and you’ll find number 3 on the blackboard.

Next, go to Classroom B and you’ll see number 2 in one of the blackboards. Similarly, reach out to Classroom C to find number 1. So, you found 3 2 1. Now, go back to the door with the combination and press 3 2 1.

This place is pretty bright, isn’t it? Go to the other room and you’ll finally see somebody. It says “Q or E to Lean” so do that to hide from that person. Unlike the previous room, this one is pretty dark so you’d want to turn the flashlight on from time to time. Sneak around until you come across this piece of paper that says:

Don’t forget

Leave Storage Key in Red Box!

The storage key is on the right. Grab the key, open up the door and head inside. Go to the left without letting her see you and open the door of the storage room. There’s another key here with number 220 written on it.

Grab the tool hanging on the wall and get back out. Go to the place where you found the key that should be left in the red box and use that tool to get the vent cover off. After you do that, go inside and try to find the toilet from there. Once you find the toilet, open up the door and you’ll see a bunch of school lockers. Find the locker 220 because you have the key for it. Get the crowbar and have a look at the bear. At this point, she will follow you and you have to run and open the door with the crowbar. Then immediately put the chair behind the door so she can’t come inside. She will give up and you’ll go to sleep.

Now, you’re at another place and it all looks like a dream. All those chairs and fire extinguishers make you think you’re in a hospital. Walk straight and you can head inside the unlocked doors if you want, but what you really need to do is going upstairs. Explore around, but in the end, you have to make your way up to a room with red lights.

Enter the vent and follow the blood. You’ll end up in another red-lighted room where you’ll get to hear a baby and a woman screaming. Then, you’ll see a man and the dream will break down.

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