Brain Sharp Answers All Levels and Walkthrough

On this page you will find all the Brain Sharp Answers, Cheats and Solutions. This is a very popular game developed by Invincible Warrior Games for both iOS and Android devices. This game will keep your brain sharp all day long with their tricky questions for you to solve. Without losing any further time here are all the answers for Brain Sharp Puzzle game.

Brain Sharp Answers All Levels

Level 1: to find the biggest fruit, ignore the size of all of the fruit pictures and tap on the watermelon, because it is the biggest fruit in real life.

Level 2: To find the letter J, look in the upper right hand area of the picture. That’s where the J is hidden.

Level 3: How many reindeer are there? To count them all, count the reindeer pictures plus the word “reindeer” in the question. There are 11 total reindeer.

Level 4: what direction is the hand pointing to? Look at the word on the button, not the direction itself. The correct answer is left.

Level 5: to turn the computer off after it crashed, use your finger to move the entire computer out of the way to reveal a switch. Turn the switch off to turn the computer off.

Level 6: to find which one is the largest fire, drag all of the fires on top of each other to make one really big fire. Then tap on the really big fire after you do that.

Level 7: to find out what number is under the sleigh, drag the sleigh off of the parking spot to see the number. Then put the same number into the number area and hit OK.

Level 8: what mark would you give this game? Tap on the checkbox that says 100 mark to pass.

Level 9: to lift the weight, grab each side of the dumbbell with one finger each and lift the weight up into the dotted line.

Level 10: to find the darkest color, tap the question, because the font used for the questions is black, which is the darkest color on the entire screen.

Level 11: To help the baby duck drink water, grab the Jack with your finger and move it over to the puddle on the ground. And

Level 12: to make something that you can eat, grab the red rock, then grab the dust and put it on top of the red rock, and all of a sudden it will look like a steak.

Level 13: To comply with the no smoking sign, tap on the little end of the cigarette in order to put it out.

Level 14: To make something that you can eat, move the face off of the sun, then move the entire picture except for the cloud. Put the cloud underneath the sun to make a fried egg.

Level 15: the brightest out of all of the colors is white, so tap the white button.

Level 16: How many books are on the table? The answer is zero, because there is no table.

Level 17: how many words are in Oxford dictionary? The answer is two, “oxford“ and “dictionary“.

Level 18: To click the objects in order, tap them in alphabetical order. Tap the apple, then the book, then the cat.

Level 19: To find the different one, move all of the snowman out of the way with your finger to find a smaller snowman. That’s the different one.

Level 20: What direction is the flashlight pointing? The answer is “all wrong” because the flashlight is turned off.

Level 21: If a cannon fires one time every minute, the cannon will fire six times in five minutes; one time immediately, and then one every minute for five minutes after that.

Level 22: to count the hairs on the boys head, move the hair out of the way. The hair is actually a wig. Then counter the hairs on his head.

Level 23: to find the treasure map, move that rock onto the egg in order to break it. The treasure map will pop out of the egg.

Level 24: To tap the fruit from small to big, tap the strawberry, then the orange, then the watermelon. Carrot is not a fruit.

Level 25: Where is Asia? Tap on the word “Asia“ in the question; that is the correct answer.

Level 26: to wake up the owl, grab the sun using your finger and drag it down off the screen. Owls wake up at night.

Level 27: The three numbers that add up to 10 or six, two, and two again. You can tap any number more than once.

Level 28: find all eight animals, including the human. Also, tap on the clouds over and over to make rain, which causes a worm to appear. This is a hidden animal.