Break Bricks – Ball’s Quest Game Walkthrough

    Break Bricks – Ball’s Quest is a funny casual puzzle game developed and released by Bin Dong. The gameplay is based on timeless hits where players use a paddle to control the ball and clear all the colored squares on the upper part of the screen. It’s a simplified all-time classic ball & bricks with many added exciting features. One of them is the ability to have an unlimited number of balls all at once.

   You start out with a paddle and a non-moving ball onto it. As you tap on the screen the perfectly responsive paddle will release the ball and the game will be on. Make sure to aim carefully before releasing your first shoot and always attempt to find the best angles and positions so that you can clear the bricks out of the screen in the quickest time possible. Time actually won’t be running but given that it’s a game of concentration and steady nerves is obviously  better to not get too much distracted and moving on to further stages in the most efficient way possible. The game is utmostly programmed to miss bricks in order to force you buy extra balls. This will be particularly visible when you get to the higher levels as the balls will tend to follow the same path and hit the stationary walls at the same places instead of hitting the remaining bricks accordingly. Nevertheless the game is overly easy to play and suitable for all ages. There are over 3000 challenges and you can even play without an internet connection and besides there’s no time limit. The worst part is that you need an in-app purchase to remove all the ads and to unlock all the levels of the game. But if you don’t mind some ads along your gaming experience you’ll easily wait patiently for them to end after appearing from time to time.

     Break Bricks – Ball’s Quest will certainly remain a striking hit for a long time thanks to its simplified and catchy gameplay and its stunning graphics. This classic brick game is a very good time killer with tons of well-designed levels that will keep you engaged for a nice period of time. Make sure to remember our tips and always try to aim at breaking all bricks by a single shoot. Break the bricks without allowing them by any chance to hit the bottom of the screen without contacting your paddle. There can’t be a standard way of succeeding but just in case you can rely on the following video walkthrough with the solution of all the so far levels of the game:

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