Cmplt Full Game Walkthrough

When it comes to puzzle games, simplicity always become clearly addicting. In this case Cmplt is a very unique puzzle game developed and released by Philipp Stollenmayer, the same creator of Supertype and Okay?. As you can notice yourself the game’s actual name is the word ‘complete’ without its vowels. In cmplt you’re given an incomplete image which you have to figure out what it is and put the correct pixels in their right place. The game is very clever and its mechanics are pretty simple. The images are mostly simple pixelated items that people commonly know about thus you don’t have to worry about having to solve something you are not familiar with. Some of the images include a cactus, a plane, a hammer, and so on while expectedly the puzzles get more difficult to solve as you progress.

Practically the gameplay it’s about a simple task of filling in the right squares with their corresponding color, but sometimes knowing where exactly to put them can become very tricky. Try to see the big picture as you start out. Most of the time the puzzle involves something specific. If you’ll be able to figure out what the whole image actually is before you start placing, it would be much easier to solve the puzzles. If you’re not sure what the picture is remember to look for patterns due to many of the puzzles are symmetrical, so if you have a clear idea of what the image is and half of it looks complete you probably need to mirror it. Also, there’s no penalty for placing wrongly. If you place a tile in the wrong spot or accidentally remove something you didn’t want to it doesn’t matter at all. The only penalty involved in the game is not being able to access new puzzles until you’ve completed the ones you having trouble with. So you can rather use the trial and error method as you can try placing squares on the board to see if they match or make somehow sense. You can also use the hints that the game throws at you randomly. When a hint is being used, a red cross will appear on the screen indicating you the spots where you must place squares accordingly. The hints doesn’t solve the puzzle for you but instead they just show you the way to put a few squares. You can as well use multiple hints if you’ll be struggling much. But in general make sure that you won’t depend much on the use of hints because you’ll surely need them the most in the later puzzles. Even though you are not allowed to move forward until you’ve solved your current puzzle, you are also given alternate puzzles which you can switch to as much as you want. There will always be three puzzles available at any time.

That’s pretty much all about Complt. Completing images may sound simple but it can really be challenging if you don’t know where to look and how to look at. Make sure you rely on our cmplt video walkthrough guide will all the puzzles solved. There is a total of 125 handcrafted pixel puzzles and we’ve provided you with the solutions of all of them: