Color Road Gameplay and Walkthrough

    Color Road is an absolutely striking racing arcade game released once again by the well-known developing studio Voodoo. The game puts the player to control a coloured ball with the aim to hit balls of the same color along the way of the given track. Occasionally your ball will change its color forcing you to move position accordingly. Moving in the right direction is everything as if you catch a ball of a wrong color your round will be promptly over.

Basically Color Road is just rolling to the ball which has the same color while making sure to avoid the ball which has different color. There are no precise challenges nor available upgrades for the balls. Color Road by Voodoo brings to anyone a very beautiful racing game with a minimalistic gameplay and really simple controls. The game features a tempting retro style with catchy colors and encouraging sounds as you guide a simple looking ball down a twisting path and match up its corresponding colors. To move while being on the run you must simple drag your finger to where you wanna slide. Everything will seem to move along pretty well as long as you keep your in airplane mode in order to not get bothered by the appearing ads.

The goal of the game yet remains very simple as also a brief tutorial will explain you in the beginning what you should be able to do. You must match up the colors you see by guiding a ball at high speeds into other balls of the same color. Simply said but very hardly achieved, you’ll often see yourself struggling as your thumb will be swiping frantically to the left and right as different colored balls fastly approach you. Just one wrong move and you’ll be your end. If you face difficulties within the game you can freely rely on the following video gameplay and walkthrough which help set a decent high-score in the game:

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