Escape Room: Mystery Word Level 77 Answer

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    Escape Room: Mystery Word is the latest puzzle word game by Zhou Jiaping. This is one of the most innovative escape game ever with an authentic and unique puzzle experience implemented. Every level has you locked up in room where you’ll need to observe carefully for any clues and then think and guess the right word in order to escape and thus succeed the level. Escape Room: Mystery Word features pretty simple rules where you just have to type the correct word on the keypad lock by the side of the door. There is no time limit nor an internet connectivity is required, so you can even play it offline. Escape Room: Mystery Word is for sure a great word app suitable for both kids and adults to train logic and vocabulary skills. If you get stuck in the game’s level rely on the following answers of all the so far levels of the game:

Level 77 Answer: BRIDGE

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