Faraway 3: Arctic Escape Levels 4-6 Walkthrough

Level 4:

    Go straight and pick up the first letter. Head left and tap as many times as it breaks the glass over the right lever, then pull both levers down. 

Move through the opened door and get the gold bit. Get back where you found the first letter and place the gold bit upon the peg below the orange square. 

Then go upstairs and get inside after pulling the door down. Turn left and rotate the handle clockwise. A puzzle will be revealed right after. For this puzzle, you’ll need to guide the gray circle to the orange drop point. You can achieve this by rotating the upper left disc until the opening is directed at the circle.

 After press the right arrow button to make the circle move into the disc. Continue doing this until it gets to the goal and then you’ll be able to get the bow tie piece.

   Move away heading back down the stairs and enter the door on the right. Place the bow tie over the door and move the sliders to orange spots to open the door and then get inside. 

Swap the tiles around so they’ll match the pattern below and you’ll be taking another gold bit.


   Get back out and place the two gold bits below the triangle to move the staircase and then move up to the door with the triangle sign above. Slide down the door and continue through. Smash the pots on the left and then take the letter. Move straight where you’ll have to pull the slider on the right to grab another gold bit. Turn left and stir the crank once again. Solve the revealed puzzle as below shown and take the portal tile.

   The third letter will be a bit tricky indeed. Look up to the right of the portal to notice there’s an outline between it and the triangle door.  The letter is fixed inside there. To get it you’ll have to be quick. First place a gold bit under the square while you let the staircase to move to that door. Remove the piece and place two more under the triangle. You must quickly remove one of them whenever the staircase is in front of the outline between the portal and the door. Climb up there and tap on the spot to open it up and reveal four other pegs. 

Place two in the order shown on the portal tile and then take the letter. 

Don’t forget to take back the gold bits too before leaving back.  Now place three gold bits in the center of the pegboard and climb up to the portal. Place the tile over it and then move through to complete the level. 

Level 5:

      Grab the pickaxe and move towards the door where you’ll have to press the Right arrow and then Upper arrow in order to move the square to the goal and open the door to go through. 

Ignore the first puzzle for the moment because you won’t access the controls yet. Continue on and use the pickaxe to break the ice holding the piece that looks like an I and then pick it up. Get back and place the handle on the puzzle door and pull it down. Press the buttons in this order to navigate the maze: Right, Up, Left, Up, Left, Down, Right. Now you’ll be able to go through.

Move towards the right path and solve another maze puzzle by pressing the buttons in this exact order: Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Down, Right, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down. Now you may take the gold bit. Go back and take the path straight ahead. Grab the letter and use the pickaxe to get another gold bit. Go back and take the left path. Place both gold bits on the pegs and continue through the door. Beak the jar and get another letter. 

Memorize the clue right in front of you. Take the right path and arrange the triangle and the pentagon in the same way you saw in the clue. Go back and take the left path. Arrange the circle and square as well as you saw in the clue


Go back through the open door and take the left path. The next maze puzzle is a bit trickier, as it goes along four sides of a pillar. It goes: Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Up. Now take the portal tile.Go back and take the right path to the portal. Place the tile over it but don’t go through yet. Zoom in on the tile and press the buttons in this order: Up, Left, Up, Left, Down. Zoom back out and take the letter. Go through and you’ll have completed the 5th level.

Level 6:

      Enter the dinosaur skull’s mouth and turn right. Look at the clue below the puzzle. It’s hinting you to make a square out of the lasers. So tap two buttons at a time to form a laser between them until all four are connected. 

Pull the slider on the right to open up a new path. Continue ahead and then turn left to grab the first letter of this level. Solve the next laser puzzle and pull the handle to the right to open another path.

     Continue down the path. Break the jar to the left to get another letter while you solve another laser puzzle. Pull the handle to the right and open up more of the path.    Continue down the path. Look at the columns to the right on each step. Pull the left ones up in order to match them. Continue through the opened door. Break the thin layer covering the tile and take it. Go back to the second laser puzzle and connect every dot to every other dot. It should look like the image below.


   Now grab the third letter. Place the tile over the portal and advance through to complete the level.

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