Faraway 3: Arctic Escape Levels 7-9 Walkthrough

Level 7:

      Enter the door in front of you. Move the little bars to line them up with the markings. Pick up the weight that fell and then move through. Line up all the rolls on the left and take the crowbar. Continue forward. Use the crowbar to move the boulder and then take the letter. Continue on and pick up another weight and then place both weights on the hooks. Notice that they have numbers on them, so put the I weight first and the III weight third subsequently.

 Make sure also to line up the middle pulley with them. Then take the pickaxes and continue on. Use the ice picks to climb down and break the pot to get a letter. This puzzle will be easy. Just line up all the bars with the markings and use the arrow buttons to move to the next ones. When you’ll be done, take the gold bit. 

      Continue forward and place the gold bit on the peg. There will be more books. Put the Ist weigh on the first hook and the III rd weight on the second hook. Pull the pulley down to line up with them and then go through. Take the left path and hang the weights as below shown and line up the second pulley with them and take the portal tile. For the third letter you must go all the way back to the first four pulleys. Using the tile as a guide, arrange them as shown below. Place all three weights on the hook and take the letter.

Level 8:

    Solve the first puzzle by relying on the buttons on the below pattern and then go through. Walk down and straight forward to get the first letter. Turn left and pull the little slider back to reveal several buttons. Copy the patterns from the four squares above the door in front of you onto the buttons. Head up to the door and pull one handle up and the other down and then go through. Look at the left column and walk around it in order to see the pattern.

 Copy the pattern onto the panel of buttons in front of it. Do the opposite for the other. Copy the pattern onto the column as below shown.

    Go through the opened door and pull up the handle to take the portal tile. Go back outside and open the right door. Go through and then turn left. Pull the handle down and solve the puzzle accordingly.

    Turn right and solve the other puzzle. 

Break the jar to get another letter and then go upstairs through the opened door to solve the next puzzle. Take the pentagon but don’t leave yet. Notice the circle on the lower left of the puzzle. It has a square inside it that looks like the one on the tile. Keep flipping it over until the floor opens, revealing the third letter you’ll be taking. 

Go back out and place the pentagon in the slot above where you picked the first letter. Place the tile over the portal and go through to complete the level.

Level 9:

     Solve the puzzle on the left by moving the square tiles out of the way and sliding the circle to the right.To solve the next puzzle, move the circle two spots up and then move the squares out of the way so you can get the circle to the goal.Continue through the just opened door. Head left and pull the handle down until the door opens. Head right and then pull the handle up in order to line up the piece with the rest.

     Jump in the mine cart and grab the first letter. Pull the lever up to move it forward through the door. Keep going until you encounter a puzzle in front. Tap the upper right button once and the lower left button once to make all four dials point upwards. Continue forward and stop when you see this marking to the right. If you stop and stare at it for a while, you’ll fall through a secret opening. Grab the letter and pull the handle up to get back up. This will be the third letter, even though you’re meant to come back to look for this symbol after you find the portal tile, you can notice the symbol sooner.Continue forward and stop when you spot a path on the right. Head over to the door, pull the handle down and go through. There will be another puzzle to solve here. Once again, press the upper right button once and the lower left button once. Solve the puzzle by following the steps on the image below. Take the portal tile and head back out.

    To get the last letter sse the two handles there to connect to the dead end. Get into the cart and look around to get the second letter. Use the two handles to line up the tracks so you have a path forward. Get back in the cart and continue on. When the cart stops, get off and pull the lever up to complete the track. Then continue through until you encounter a door. Open the door and get inside to solve another puzzle. You’ll need to move the right square out of the way so you can move the long piece, then move the circle to the goal. Go up through the ladder that appears. Use the levers to connect the tracks leading to the building to the right.

 Go back down and get into the cart. Take it to that building and pull the handle to get another handle.Get back up through the ladder. Use the new handle this time on the last lever and create a path down the other track. On the way, get off to pull the lever and complete the track. Keep going until you hit a dead end. Get out and pull the lever all the way to the right until the elevator stops. Go through to find the portal. Place the tile over the portal and go through to complete the level.