Faraway: Tropic Escape – Level 2 Walkthrough

Faraway: Tropic Escape is one of many adventure games created by a successful Croatian team called Pine Studio. This game is about exploring a tropical island and finding some letters which apparently is not an easy task. The game is nice and enjoyable, so you’ll have a good time playing it. Comment down below if you need extra help.

Faraway: Tropic Escape – Level 2 Walkthrough

Go to the door, pull the yellow pieces down and then up to the marks. The door will open. Head inside, grab the golden object and the first letter.

Go back out and follow the other path. Insert the golden piece here:

Use the stairs to go up and once you do that, pull the lever. Walk straight and find the second letter:

Solve the easy puzzle on the right and take the golden piece.

Now, look at the pattern in the middle and memorize it. Then, copy it to the buttons on the right.

The pattern will change, so repeat one more time. Don’t go up yet. Instead go back to the first building to get the third letter.

There’s a plant with two leaves and another one with three. Based on the pattern of the golden piece you should tap each plant like this: TAP RIGHT – RIGHT – LEFT – LEFT – RIGHT – LEFT. And there you go. There’s the third letter. It contains a code “a72”, which we’ll need later.

At this point, make your way up to the gate and place the golden piece to teleport.

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