Find the Differences Detective Ex-Girlfriend Level 10 Walkthrough

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    Find the Difference: Detective is the most latest striking ‘spot the difference’ game launched by Fastone Games. Actually there is no need to explain how to play a ‘spot the difference’ game as these types of games feature a pretty exact gameplay, where you’ll be given two different pictures and you’ll need to find the differences between the two. However Find the Difference: Detective tends to be a bit tricky. Each section usually has a difference and most of these differences are tiny and elusive. You’ll only be given 5 lives so be careful not to waste them while for a mistake that you make in the scene, you’ll lose 30 seconds from your overall time. Now that you get the idea, enjoy all the fun that this game is able to offer. If you get stuck in the game’s levels you can rely on the following video walkthrough for all the correct answers of the game:

Starts at 08:26