Gorogoa Game Walkthrough

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Award-winning puzzle game

       We are introducing you with Gorogoa – The elegant evolution of the puzzle genre, presented through a beautifully hand-drawn story designed and illustrated by Jason Roberts. Gorogoa is considered by many as not just a game, but a work of art instead, expressing itself through charming illustrations and outstanding puzzle mechanics. The game features a new kind of storytelling through uniquely imaginative puzzles. A completely original gameplay composed of various illustrated panels that players arrange and combine in imaginative ways to solve the displayed puzzles, bringing this way up a flawless, simple and oddly satisfying puzzle game in all iOS devices for the price of 4.99$.

      The game starts off with a strange, in the meantime beautiful monster pouncing through the streets. Your character is a young boy who learns that he needs to collect five different colored fruits. Each chapter ends when he collects the needed fruit, so you’re not just wandering around without purpose while solving puzzles. You always know what the ultimate goal is, so you must concentrate on getting it done. The early chapters are fairly simple but on the third chapter and on, everything gets far more tricky and clever.

      Gorogoa works with the screen split into four sections. Each of which can hold up to four hand-drawn panels. The interaction is as simple as using your finger to drag a panel to a different section of the screen. Besides dragging the panels around, you can interact with any of them also in other ways. There are hot spots that let you zoom in to a smaller detail in a certain scene, usually revealing new areas to interact with. So when you tap on a non-interacting building in the background, you’ll zoom in on the scene to see the building in all its detail. When possible, you can also tap arrow icons to move up, down, left or right on a panel. So heading down from some clouds might land you on a mountaintop. When you zoom out, you may discover a bigger scene wrapping up the smaller one, expanding farther and farther out until what you thought was everything instead becomes a drop in the distance. The puzzles often involve also finding the perspectives of two different panels that can fit together, so the character can move between them. Sometimes you’ll may move a panel and discover a new one hiding just behind it. Likewise, a panel might have a cutout or window that can be placed over another panel so both can combine. For example, you might need to overlap two doorways in order to enable travelling between the panels. Or you even may use the light source in one panel to ignite a lantern in another. Meanwhile, there are animations that fit perfectly with all the mechanics. You can even interact with one panel while a different one has some action that’s still playing out.

       Gorogoa is a game that requires you to let go of your perception of reality. A wordless but anyway very attractive, hand-drawn puzzle game in which people, objects and places move across time and space in a charming story. The game has iCloud sync and can be played in either portrait or landscape mode on both iPhone and iPad.

Some things to consider before starting out:

  • In every chapter, your goal is to collect the indicated colored fruit. That means helping the boy travel with his blue bowl.
  • If you’re seemingly stuck, don’t forget to try moving a panel to see what’s behind it. Sometimes there’s more than one layer, but you won’t know it until you try.
  • If you’re having trouble, turn on the hints/hot spot locator in the settings. It won’t help you with the puzzles, but it will keep you from blindly tapping everything.
  • There’s a sense of symmetry in the game. Keep in mind what you did for one puzzle in a chapter, as there’s a strong likelihood you’ll have to do something similar soon.
  • Sometimes you need to shuffle two panels back and forth so something can travel between them.

Take your time and play around. It’s not a very long game, so enjoy the time spent figuring out the puzzles. It’s much more satisfying to figure it out on your own. But if you feel really hopeless, watch the video walkthrough below:

Grab the game here and start your magical journey.