Granny – Gameplay and Walkthrough


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        When was the last time you played a game showing such warnings before you begin? Granny is certainly a ‘different’ and intense type of survival horror game. The game is very scary, just like in the movies, you will feel like you were in the situation. You start being held captive by an insane, blind old woman who “hears everything,” and shuffles around a small two-level house carrying a bat and dropping several traps. Your objective is to escape the house within five days and the day ends if Granny catches you by any circumstance. You can avoid Granny while searching the house for keys and tools; if Granny hears you, you have to run and hide or you’ll have your head smashed. This might be one of the ugliest while in the meantime scariest games on the App Store and PlayStore. Granny’s premise is simple: It gives you five chances to achieve your objective, and meanwhile it creates an unbelievable amount of tension. Sound is a big deal. The creaking floorboards, spooky music, and Granny’s unsettling voice will make your blood run cold, especially if you’re wearing headphones. Success depends on keeping a cool head; the tension rises the longer you creep around the house, and suddenly running into Granny can cause a lot of panic.

           Granny’s not fast, but she’s persistent; if you freeze upon seeing her, you’ll be definitely dead meat. Granny hears quickly any occurring sounds. You must be careful about your movements. While the gameplay and sound achieve a lot, they’re undercut by inexpressive, ugly graphics, occasional technical issues and annoying ad breaks that pull you right out of the horror experience. Granny feels like a totally child-inappropriate nightmare fuel. It is indeed very scary. It almost gives you a mini heart attack when you drop an object. You have to make sure to see the scary scenarios asap. Make consciously a noise to face the worst thru in order to avoid the most unexpected intimidation after. Granny is a first-person horror game. A game that has a certain a lot of creep-factor within.  Visually, the house looks good but Granny’s face just looks off. She looks really scary though. To keep quiet, you can crouch and if you do it before Granny gets to you, she’ll won’t attack at all. Instead seemingly getting stuck and following you around peacefully as long as you stay crouched. You just have to make sure you’re avoiding making any kind of sounds while also being very discreet when touching any of the furnitures in the horrifying house. You can hide in wardrobes or under beds. Keep in mind that you have only 5 days to escape.

     Granny is a free to play game with no in-app purchases and the effort put in to make it an evil and scary game is admirable, even if it’s hardly an original idea. The occasional ad will pop up but that’s part for the course and can hardly be worth complaining about considering it’s a free and long game.

Welcome to Granny !

Granny keeps you locked in her house. Now you have to try to get out of her house, but be careful and quiet. She hears everything. If you drop something on the floor, she’ll hear it promptly and will come and blast your head running.

If you get stuck in the game check out the following video walkthroughs for the game:

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