King of Crabs Gameplay and Walkthrough

   King of Crabs is a brilliant real time PvP (person vs person) survival game where the player gets to control a crab. Basically you need to make your crab as big as you can so you have to eat as much as you can along your way. You can whether eat other smaller crabs, starfish or anything that’s around and can be eaten. The core idea of the game is an antagonism between up to 100 real online players. The battles are pretty intense and so is the fun factor. You have to fight and upgrade yourself wisely in order to become the biggest crab and the ruler of the island.

  King of Crabs features a very unique gameplay which will never stop surprising you. As you explore the wildlife as a crab you’ll have to defend yourself with as little damage as possible. Along the way you’ll be collecting amazing crab species, you’ll be able to get upgraded an customise in order to climb the ranks. Besides just fighting against other players you can as well team up with them to fight other enemies. Everything is up to your decisions. The huge and uniquely created island of the game is waiting to be explored and conquered. Keep in mind to find the most lethal weapons which would give the extra needed boost on your purpose of becoming the King of Crabs. The game combines easy and prompt controls with a very funny and exciting gameplay. The graphics are incredibly detailed and they offer striking animations and inclusive sounds that make the experience alive and enhancing. The are two game modes to choose from: Friendly and King. In the friendly mode, other players like you can’t be attacked or consumed for food. While in the King mode, every crab stands on its own, just like a battle royale for the crab world.

    If you’d want to become the king you have to prove that you’re really the best among all the crabs. Collect, upgrade and grow a variety of crabs as you discover many indispensable advanced skills. The game requires a persistent internet connection and that’s the only issue with it. Nevertheless if you want to go big into this make sure you’ve carefully read our guide and you can also rely on the following video walkthrough:

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