Microbian Gameplay and Walkthrough

    Microbian is a brand new addictive platformer offered by Victor Garcia and available since this February. The gameplay brings a unique visual runner game in which an arachnid microbe tries to survive in a hostile world filled with enemies and many obstacles. Only a demo version of the game is offered for free while the full version can be purchased for only 1.99$. The game uses simple gesture controls instead of onscreen buttons. It’s basically an auto- runner and you get to play as a little spider that can reverse gravity. You must simply tap in order to jump and double-tap to switch from the floor to the ceiling or vice-versa. You’ll be guiding your main character through jumping, dodging, eating and disregarding the laws of gravity as you survive in a dark and hostile world. Microbian is a semi-procedural game which means that if you decide to play it again or if you lose a life and start over, you won’t experience the same environment and obstacles as in your previous run.

   The game features an elegant art design and amazing music. The innovative art and its sound design along with the game’s mechanics altogether provide an overwhelming gaming experience that will make immerse into in a flash; Especially if you choose to get the full version of the game through the required payment. Your spider will face many enemies, deadly gulfs and unbearable platforms until completing the difficult journey. There are black and white orbs which can rather be collected or avoided. The white ones will make you speed up while the black ones will slow you down. You earn extra points for the white ones but lose 50 points for each black one you get along the way. There are obviously also obstacles and monsters that will constantly trying to kill you. Surviving for too long will certainly be something very difficult but if you’ll be aware of the upcoming obstacles and retain your calm and confidence, things should be much more convenient.

You can rely on the following video walkthrough if you get stuck:

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