Minimal Escape Game Walkthrough

    Minimal Escape is a beautiful adventure puzzle game developed and released by TheAnd Games. This exciting puzzle adventure can appeal everyone through its colored fantasy world and its simple gameplay operation. The player has to jump, run, drag certain stone and move in to portals. The game also throws occasional challenging puzzles whose solution takes usually a couple of minutes. On each level you need to find the silver stars in order to be able to move on to the next one. There’s also a gold star hidden between every 6 levels which is needed to open the next stage. There’s no need for a  tutorial to help you play along, as you just need to solve the given puzzles while surviving through the harsh environment against all sorts of obstacles. Your way to escape will be revealed by itself. Your job is to find the hidden elements, explore paths and collect certain stars. The simple controls of the game gives you directional and jump controls that require not so much of a responsibility nor commitment.

    Minimal Escape brings a story about a fantastic creature who is thrown to many dangers. If by any chance you get to water without a corresponding blue suit you’ll die promptly. You always have to pay attention what’s around you due to many unexpected events can occur, such as knives appearing from walls and dark lurks unwarned. The player has 3 lives and if they end, the level starts again, or you can watch ads. For watching a short video all lives will be restored. It’s a game that can encourage everyone to give a try. A simple gameplay with difficult puzzles happening in a dark and mysterious world. Traverse and purify the polluted world as you try to restore its former beauty. There’s a total of 24 appealing stages, including also some advanced ones that will require a bot of further brainpower. In this beautiful mix of arcade, adventure and puzzle game you can expect anything to happen. Play this unique odyssey now and you’ll see it for yourself.

If you get stuck somewhere in the game rely on the following video walkthrough of the game: