Monster Merge Game Walkthrough

     Monster Merge is a simple addictive one-touch game developed by Umbrella Games LLC. In Monster Merge the player must drag identical monsters together in order to discover 30 unique species and upgrade the displayed buildings of this highly entertaining game. Merge Monsters can be a fun little time-waster. Baby monsters are constantly coming from the sky, and you can use your magical merging powers to combine them into bigger monsters. The player can as well play minigames that earn more coins and expand the game’s world. As you merge monsters, you can start expanding your operations, and use your current team of monsters to complete tasks. The creatures have a unique look, where basic monsters resemble creatures like spiders and snakes, but have a friendlier and more abstract look. As you get further in the game, you’ll see creatures of different designs, in resemblance to orcs, dragons, and skeletons.

     There are two main components of Merge Monsters: Your monsters and the pieces of land they gather resources from. To maximize currency, make sure you place your monsters at your highest level mines. No matter what level a monster is, it will always gather the most potential resources at the highest level mine. Don’t worry about spreading your monsters out across different mines or anything like that. Just focus on your top tier mines. Merge Monsters allows you to place monsters on a limited number of land tiles. As you play, but even when you leave, the game will drop in monsters on any vacant land you have, but these monsters are will always be low level creatures. If you can afford it, it’s almost always better to keep your lands filled with higher level monsters as often as possible to prevent your screen from getting blocked with tiny little monsters that can’t mine enough. Your mines also have to be upgraded over time, and doing that can actually shut down resource gathering. To avoid any stoppage, it’s best to check in on the game a couple times a day to make sure your monsters are always working.

    While being a free-to-play game, Merge Monsters offers you the ability to watch an ad in order to speed up your mining rate for an hour. This applies to your game even when you aren’t playing, so you can ensure you can get two hours of mining done in one hour’s time if you just watch an ad before checking out of the app. Gold buildings are the structures that you can assign monsters to hit for gold. When you first start Monster Merge, your monsters will be rolled up around a building right in the middle. As you start to level up your monsters, you’ll be able to unlock a new spot somewhere on the map. Just keep in mind that you only get one spot per level up, so you have to choose wisely. This is the main reason that is recommended to unlock new spots around the new buildings you uncover. The more spots you have around a building, the more gold you’ll be able to get when you hit the fast forward button.

     Monster Merge is a cute and simple game. You have to try the game and grow your monster collection. If you get stuck in the game, rely on the following walkthrough videos of the game:

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