Paint Pop 3D Gameplay and Walkthrough

#2 in Action


   Paint Pop 3D is a one-tap shooting game referred by many players and reviewers as very highly addictive and promising. Paint Pop 3D is some kind of a game which players will either love it endlessly or hate it confoundedly. This game is developed and released by Good Job Games, who already have some expertise in such striking projects. The aim of the game is to get the paint on each slice for every level and although it sounds simple you’ll find it a lot trickier as the obstacles will soon start moving thus making you target your shot very carefully. You must paint all the slices on the ring without getting the black stripes that will appear. If you’re an overly impatient player you’ll find it quite difficult to complete many levels on one round; Intentionally hinting that there’s no need to rush through the levels and patience and patience is a key to success. Spraying the paint all over the rotating wheels sometimes you may find it easy and sometimes very tricky.

    The controls are simple and very intuitive in Paint Pop 3D. You just need to shoot accordingly by tapping on the screen of your device. Perfectly timed shots are a key because they allow you to hit the spinning wheels without touching any obstacles. You can single tap to shoot once or even auto-shoot for multiple shooting at once, although there will be a high possibility that the rotating blades will interfere your way and end your round. There are pretty specific situations which you’ll figure out on your own like which strategy you’ll be using. In the cases when you launch paints near the barriers (near-misses) for five times in a row then the game rewards you with near miss bonus, which allows you to skip whichever level you’d want. Some levels will somehow test the very best of you. Make sure to paint everything on the circle while being aware of the many obstacles that will make you struggle along the way. You can play with as many characters as you want while the game consists in more than 1000 challenging levels. If you feel complaining about the many ads just turn off the WiFi and you’ll be getting rid of them. Now the time has come, how high can you paint? The following video list is a game walkthrough of the first levels of the game:

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