Perspecto Game Walkthrough

#2 in Board

     Perspecto is the ultimate ‘perspective’ puzzler that will undoubtedly attempt to trick your brain. The app brings a moderation of 2D and 3D gameplays that forces you to use your creativity in order to solve the challenging puzzles. Given that perspective puzzles are becoming more and more mainstreamed, Perspecto by the Gamezaurdevelopers is hitting the stores with great fuss. All you have to do is to rotate and move the pieces around so that each model matches the corresponding shape. If it doesn’t look like a pair, maybe all you’ll need is a change of perspective. We are introducing you with one of the most simple, sharp-looking games that makes just the perfect finger motion puzzle. Challenge your imagination without forgetting to change your perspective!

Here are some Tips and Tricks you have to consider before starting to play:


  • Pay attention to the symbols on each cube as they are hints of what you may do with each of them.
  • Blank cubes: These cubes are fixed and can’t be moved. You can only change the perspective on them.
  • Solid circle: These can swap places with another symbol cube next to it. That’s the only way they can be moved.
  • Open circle: These can move one spot over in any direction and swap with other symbol cubes. They can’t move if a blank fixed cube is on the way.
  • Crosshairs: This can be moved into empty spaces, but it will keep going until it hits a wall or another cube. It can also be swapped with other symbol cubes.
  • Diamond: These cubes respond to gravity. If there’s space beneath them, they’ll drop down.They can also be swapped with other symbol cubes.

This is a video walkthrough guide which shows you how to solve the first 40 puzzles in Perspecto. Relax and enjoy this app’s brilliance and soft gameplay!

Click the icons below to download the app (for 2,99$):