Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Walkthrough Part 10: Main Hall

The first thing we’re going to be doing is heading on over to Emma and giving her more of your seed. Next, do some upgrades and we suggest you get the loaded umbrella tools sooner rather than later because it will be beneficial to you.

From here go back to Shugendo and follow the same path you did in the previous episode. Kill those rats and rope on up again. Kill the two other ones and now don’t do the jump-across thing we did before, but instead go on up and you’ll find yourself into the Hall.

Go grab the Red and White Pinwheel at the area full of sad looking dolls.

Next, go inside the building on the other side. There’s a strong guy inside you’re about to fight. Keep in mind that this guy hits like a truck, so it’s a good opportunity to use the loaded umbrella. Make him break things around so you can manage to kick him out of there. There are moments where he gets very angry. In those cases just back up. Make him come near the destroyed wall and make him fall down through a final kick.

After the battle, rest at your new idol outside.

Jump down to the building. There should be a shard. From where the shard is, go to the right side where the wolves and the monkeys are. Grab the items around and you’ll encounter a big guy accompanied by some monkeys. Kill him and then get the Balloon + Persimmon.

If you want to, you can upgrade the umbrella for the next Boss fight, but it’s not a crucial action. It helps a lot though.

In case you want to upgrade it do as follows:

1- Travel to Stairway, go to the merchant and get 3 Scrap Irons.

2- Travel to Shugendo, go to the merchant and get a Scrap Magnetite.

3- Lastly go to the Temple and upgrade the Umbrella.


Next step, travel back to the Senpou Temple and jump on into the water. There are two Treasure Carps. Kill them both and rope on up to the monks. Kill all of them.

There are a couple of guys on the rooftop. They can be pretty annoying. Rope up and kill them also.

Next, go inside and try to get the Lamp of Fat Wax positioned right next to the mysterious unmovable monk. You don’t have to kill him.

Go outside and then up in order to make your way up to the idle. It’s found inside a temple, so even though you might see lots of enemies outside the temple, don’t worry because they cannot enter inside. Also, there are a couple of different things to grab inside.

Meet the priest guy and talk to him. Get the Holy Chapter from him. You need to have this item to obtain one of the endings.

Go outside of the temple and head on to the cave. Find the little hole shown below and go inside.

Take the balloon and walk on straight. Kill all enemies on your way. There’s a “Purple Mummy” inside. You don’t need him at the moment, but remember how you can reach him again. Go outside so you can enter the temple again in order to rest.

Proceed to Part 11: Genichiro.