Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Walkthrough Part 11: Genichiro

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Part 11: Genichiro

It’s time to reach Genichiro.

Run straight out and ignore those guys chasing you. Take the goods on your way while killing the monks. Make your way to the place shown in the picture below and drop down.

That is a boss area. First, kill the claw guys because they can be very irritating. Next, take care of the boss. Usage of the umbrella is strongly recommended.

Go to the Last Communed Idol then travel back to the first idol of Senpou Temple. Meet the big crying guy and give him the White Pinwheel. You’ll get a persimmon. Next, suggest a travel destination and tell him about Anayama the Peddler.

Now, head back to Ashina Reservoir in order to take out the two bosses over there.

For the first boss, go ahead and pop a Gokan sugar. Then, jump and attack. Stay aggressive and look to deflect all of his kicks.

For the second one, the usage of oil and flamethrower is recommended but not necessary.

With those two dead, head back to the dilapidated temple. The next fight will be with Genichiro and you have to be as much upgraded as possible. This will probably be the hardest fight up to this point.

Go to Ashina Dojo. This is a two-phase fight. One more time, we recommend you fight as aggressively as you possibly can.

His jump attacks are dangerous. Every time he does a jump attack he will follow it up with a perilous sweep or a perilous thrust. As long as you avoid those two attacks and you don’t back up enough to give him a chance to shoot with the bow you’ll be fine. The umbrella can obviously help with the combos.

In the second phase of the fight, he will change his look and the fighting style but staying aggressive and not letting him get any space will do the work again.

The death of Genichiro will award you with your first Ninjutsu! Congratulations!

Rest and spend the Genichiro memory. Then, talk to the woman, go downstairs, take the idol and talk to Kuro. From Kuro go to the old man inside the building nearby, and from that old man back to Kuro. Listen to what they say and get what they give you.

Proceed to Part 12: Folding Screen Monkeys.

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