Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Walkthrough Part 2: Ashina Outskirts

The very first thing you have to do is head on over to the left and take that enemy out. There’s also another one down there. You can practice your first aerial deathblow by killing him through the air. Go ahead and grab the Pellet and the Shard. Don’t go to the enemies just yet. Instead, rope on up and find Ungo’s Sugar. Sneak around a little more, until you find an enemy facing the other way. Kill him and pick up the Ceramic Shard. Then, drop down and get Ako’s Sugar.

Tip: Items like these you’ll find very often in the game so make sure you collect as much as you can

Rope on up again and find yourself like in the picture below:

Go up to a roof where you can actually spatch the enemies from behind. Then drop into the grass and crouch. Find an Ash and a Pellet and encounter the wolves. Grab the Ceramic Shard after killing them. Find the Idol but before hitting it, jump across and pick up the Shuriken Wheel. Go back to the Dilapidated Temple Idol and outfit it back at the temple.

Now, there is a woman at the temple to help you. You’ll have to talk to her from time to time until to the point where she has nothing to say. Go back to the Sculptor and have a talk. After that go to the Dilapidated Temple Idol and travel back to Ashina Outskirts.

Find the mini-Boss and fight him. His two red circles above the health bars mean that he has two lives, and you’ll have to make two separate deathblows.

Taking him down gives you your first Prayer Bead and a Gourd Seed.

Go around and kill the entire guards Then jump down to a broken house with an old woman inside. Get a bell from her and drop down to talk to her son. Go up, with a merchant and make some trading. Then up the Homeward Idol and head back to the Dilapidated Temple.

Talk to the woman again and give her the gourd seed. This will give you two healings with your gourd. Her dialogue won’t advance anymore until you die at some point, but once you die at a certain point she’ll have a new set of dialogue. Next, give the bell to the Buddha statue.

Proceed to Part 3: Hirata Estates.