Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Walkthrough Part 4: Outskirts Wall

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Part 4: Outskirts Wall

Once you leave Hirata Estates, head back to the Outskirts Wall Gate Path. Don’t forget to acquire some skills. You can arrange them depending on your preferences.

Jump on up and take the same route just to visit the merchant quickly. Don’t worry about the enemies. They’re not going to do anything to you as long as you don’t do anything to them.

If you have not bought any fireworks yet, make sure you buy some because they’ll be really helpful in the future.

Take that guy with the big cannon out. He might be really annoying. Go around and find your next idol. Next, speak to the mysterious looter guy. Next time you visit he’ll give you some goodies, so reset the zone real quick and talk to him again to get them. After that, make your way up to the boss of the zone. You’ll need to strike from behind, so what you have to do is oil him, flame vent him and hit him a few times. Rinse and repeat until the boss drops.

After you’re done, rope on up and get Nightjar Monocular, Gourd Seed and Ceramic Shard.

For the next area, just sprint past everyone real fast so that you find an idol. When you find it, travel back to the temple and give that Gourd Seed to Emma.

Travel back to the Underbridge Valley. Rope on up and find the alert guy first to kill him. After that, kill everyone you see around including the mini-boss. Move until you find a house where you’ve actually been before. Grab the items inside of it and use the idol to go back to the last communed and you’ll find yourself again like in the picture above.

While going down, you’ll notice the ground shaking. But it’s not an earthquake, it’s the big boy white snake.

Don’t let that snake see you and don’t even think about attacking him. He is too strong and you don’t have enough health. (I know some of you can’t resist)

Instead, find the nearby palanquin without letting him notice you. Stay there until he approaches and finally hit him in the eye.

Then run, grab the Snap Seed and run again. The snake is pissed off right now.

Grab the items around and finally rest at the idol.

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