Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Walkthrough Part 7: Old Grave

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Part 7: Old Grave

There is a guy just a few steps away from you. Find him and fight him. There are also lots of brutal dudes around there. Open the door of the room and jump down. Fight the enemies and open up the big gate. Then find a chest that contains Sabimaru, a short poisonous sword. Open another door through which you can go outside and see the lake.

There is a boss hidden in that water. But it’s not the right time to go there now.

Instead, take the other path and fight some enemies. You’ll see an idol not far away from there.

After that go to the bridge and keep killing enemies.

Next, jump to a roof to go to the other area.

Pick up items around and then start swimming to go to the forest and to find your way up to an empty building which has an idol inside. Through that idol travel to Ashina Outskirts and check if the merchant has something for you. After that, travel to Old Grave.

There are a lot of shooters and especially cannoneers in this area, which by the way can be very annoying if you don’t quickly dispatch them. Go to the Blackhead badger and try to pop up every gold you have to purchase the Iron Fortress. If you don’t have enough gold, do a little bit of farming. Go out and kill everyone.

Grab the items nearby and go to the place shown in the picture below.

From here, head on back to the Last Communed Idol.

Take the same path as before and kill some on your way. Make sure you’ve grabbed the balloon. You may have done it previously tho. Next, go to Ashina Castle to get some mats and balloons. You need these for the next boss fight. 

This time take the left route, open the door and find the Scrap Iron Balloon. On your way back grab the idol and open the other door as it’s shown below.

And then take a rest.

You’re now at Ashina Reservoir. From the idol, go left and kill those rats. Get some Scrap Iron, Heavy Coin Purse and a Mibu Balloon of Spirit. From this last one, go back to the initial place where the idol is, and this time take the other route to find a side quest guy.

You can send this guy down to the Dungeon or alternatively you can do his side quest. We’re going to upgrade mats so we’ll choose the Lure to Abandoned Dungeon option.

If you go a little bit further you’ll notice a guy down there. We don’t recommend fighting that guy at this point. He can cause a lot of damage. Instead, go back and if you got the gate key open up this door:

Open up the chest and get Gyoubu’s Broken Horn. Next, go outside and fight the guards and head back to the idol. We suggest that you get Shinobi eyes and Sabimaru before you fight the Boss. From there travel back to the Upper Tower Antechamber. Kill some guys in the building and grab some items around. Find the idol and hit it.

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